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Updated on 02 Jul, 2024

Master of Arts (Drawing and Painting ) (MADP)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 4 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 16,500
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


i. Bachelor of Fine Arts – Painting, OR
ii. Bachelor of Visual Arts- Painting, OR
iii. B.A- Drawing & Painting, OR
iv. B.A in Fine Arts- Painting
Medium of Instruction:Hindi and English (*Self-learning Material: English)
Fee Structure: Rs. 16,500/- for Full Progrmme. 1styear: Rs.8,250/- and 2ndyear Rs.8,250/-

The programme aims to provide education to the discerning students who do not have access to study Fine Arts through conventional system. Master of Arts in Drawing and Painting (MADP) programme has been designed for serious Fine Arts students to pursue higher education having pedagogy in theory, practice and researchin art through open and distance learning. The programme broadly covers core components like; elements and principles of art, Art history, Art education, Aesthetics theories and research methods; and develop awareness about appropriate art tools, material, techniques and methods to analyze and create their own art work. The programme provides opportunities to identify and develop their own style in chosen medium at an advanced level so as to become a professional Artist.
This programme has the following broad objectives:
The programme focuses on skill and competences development having both professional and academic proficiency leading to job opportunities and over all development. Thus, the learner will be able to:
  • Attain fundamental understanding of theory and practice.
  • Describe the concept of Indian Art Practices and Aesthetics in historical and contemporary context.
  • Demonstrate elements and principle of art trough drawing and painting.
  • Use of Material and Technique for Drawing and Painting.
  • Observe, analyze and create an Art Work.
  • Work independently to research, identify and develop own style and express through
  • chosen medium(s) to become a professional Artist.

Who can be benefited by this programme (Target group): Employed, Self-employed, Free-lancers, Designers, Illustrators, Textile professionals, Interior decorators, School and College teachers, aspiring professionals, etc. in the field of Fine Arts who desires to upgrade their knowledge and skills in addition to acquiring a Postgraduate Degree, subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria

Delivery of the Programe: The Programme will be delivered through multi-mode like Web Enabled Academic Support (WEAS) and 15 days studio practice in each year at PSC – 07187P, SOPVA, IGNOU Headquarters, New Delhi only (Under Regional Centre Delhi 1).
Note: It is mandatory to provide own (active) E-Mail ID and mobile number to access academic support.
Programme Details:
Course Code
Title of the Course
I Year
MVA 0 23
Modern Western Art
MVAL 0 24
Study of Nature
MVAL 0 25
Study of Folk, Tribal and Traditional Art Styles
II Year
Semester- III
MVA 026
Understanding Aesthetics and Art Education
MVAL 027
Creative Portraiture
MVAL 028
Creative Composition
Semester- IV
MVA 029
Research Methods and Dissertation
MVAL 0 30
Creative Landscape
MVAL 031
Creative Expression
Total Credits
Programme Coordinator: Dr. Lakshaman Prasad, lakshaman.mau@ignou.ac.in, Ph. 011-29571653
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