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Updated on 13 Jul, 2022

Bachelor of Performing Arts-Hindustani Music(Honours) (BAPFHMH)

Minimum Duration: 3 Years
Maximum Duration: 6 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 27,600
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Desirable: Studied music as one of the subject in 11th and 12th Class / who have learned music from an institution or a guru.
Medium of Instruction: Hindi
(Although the SLM will be given in Hindi students will be allowed to write their assignments and exams in English too.)


Fee Structure: A total of Rs. 27,600/- is to be paid year-wise for the full programme, @ Rs. 9,200/year. Fee to be paid in the first year including a registration fee of 200/- is Rs.9,400/-.

B.A. (Performing Arts) – Hindustani Music Hons. (BAPFHMH)programme in Open & Distance Learning mode is an opportunity to large segment of the population including the disadvantaged to pursue a programme in Hindustani classical Music. The programme aims to provide Classical music education to the discerning students who do not have access to study it through conventional system. This course has been designed for serious students of music to get knowledge of the subject theoretically as well as practically. The programme objectives are to provide learners with learning experiences that help instill deep interests in learning Hindustani Classical music prevalent in the major part of Indian continent and develop broad and balanced knowledge and understanding of core components like:musical elements, principles, history of music, contributions of various musicologists throughout the ages, music education, and Aesthetics theories related to Hindustani Classical Music.The programme will also provide opportunities to the students to collaborate with fellow students and put up a joint stage production which will be a unique experience for the students of Performing Arts.
Objectives: The B.A. (Performing Arts) – Hindustani Music Hons.) is designed to give an in-depth knowledge in the discipline of Hindustani Classical Music while allowing for exposure to subjects beyond the discipline as well. The programme is appropriate for ODL as it focuses on the skill and competence development having both professional and academic proficiency leading to job opportunities and over all development. The Honours programme has the following general objectives:
  • To introduce the learner to main themes and topics in the discipline of Hindustani Classical Music through core & discipline-centric electives.
  • To facilitate the learners to work towards ability and skill enhancement through exposure to appropriate courses in humanities and social sciences.
  • Introduce learners to reading and writing skills through assignments and exercises at an undergraduate level.
  • Expose the learners to the importance of interdisciplinary study by enabling them to take courses outside their disciplines.
Learning Outcomes: By undergoing this programme, the learner will: -


  1. Earn the proficiency to sing the prescribed Ragas with correct voice production.
  2. Be able to demonstrate the prescribed Talas.
  3. Be capable to express their understanding of evolution of Indian Classical Music
  4. Be able to understand and elaborate the historical development of Hindustani Music.
  5. Gain knowledge about the treatises of music written through the ages.
  6. Earn proficiency to collaborate with fellow artists to put up a group stage show.
  7. Develop pedagogical understanding of the subject to get employed in teaching jobs

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