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  •  Promote Education for Sustainable Development and its components five Es viz Ecology, Economics, Energy, Equity and Employment.
  • Undertake Field Based Action Research Programmes in seven Major Ecosystems with a focus on pro-nature, pro-poor, pro-women and pro-employment under the theme of Sustainable Development.

i) Hill

ii) Arid

iii) Semi-Arid

iv) Coastal

v) Irrigated

vi) Mountain

Vii) Islands

  • Create Education and Training Material for Sustainable Development with reference to the above components based on field projects.
  • Capacity building in a new branch of science: Sustainability Science
  • Policy Studies for Sustainable Development for preparing National Policy on Sustainable Development as well as a revised Agenda 21 for India, taking into account the challenge of global warming and climate change.
  • Organize Public Education Programmes
  1. Gramin Gyan Abhiyan, other community programmes
  2. Utilizing Mass Media and Gyan Darshan & Gyan Vani


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[Updated on 18-Jul-2024]