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Updated on 17 Apr, 2013

Maintenance of the University Estate 
The Construction and Maintenance division (CMD) of IGNOU looks after the maintenance of the University Estate, which includes Temporary Campus, Academic Blocks, EMPC. Building, DEC Building, C.M.D. Building, Residential Complex at MGRC, AGVC, Regional Centre Delhi – I & II.
The maintenance of the Campus includes supply of water and electricity, maintenance of streetlights, tube wells and pump houses etc. 
The Maintenance is an ongoing process, which can be divided into following parts:
A) Civil Maintenance:
Civil Wing of the division is looking after the Civil Maintenance. 
B) Electrical Maintenance: Electrical wing of the division is looking after the water supply system, air conditioning system and electrical maintenance.
C) Water Supply: 
(i) Drinking Water: Water for drinking purposes is being procured from the Delhi Jal Board through departmental tankers and then further supplied to different locations at the IGNOU Campus.
(ii) Unfiltered Water Supply: The University has nine tube wells drilled in the Campus to cater to the requirement of the University. These tube wells are connected to five pump houses at various locations. The division is maintaining tube wells, pump houses and pipe networks laid in the campus.
D) Electric Supply: The Campus has nine sub-stations out of which four are being maintained by CMD (ESS No 2, 3, 4 & 5), One substation is being maintained by the Campus Development Unit (CDU) (ESS No.1) and four are with BSES..BSES is mainly looking after substations located in the housing complex, whereas C.M.D. is looking after the remaining area. 
E) Air Conditioning: Operation of central package type air conditioning system at Academic Blocks, Convention Centre, EMPC. building and window/spilt type air conditioners at Temporary Campus, AGVC and 52 – Tuglakabad, Regional Centre building are being maintained by CMD.