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Admission Eligibility, Countries and Fee
Updated on 29 Jun, 2019

1) Which are the countries from where International students can take Admission to IGNOU’s programme ?

a) Nepal   - 2 Centres
b) Kenya
c)   Sri Lanka
d) Oman
e)   Kuwait
f)      Mauritius
g) Ivory Coast

In Pipeline

h)   Ethiopia (under Process)
i)       Jeddah
j)       Riyadh
k)    Bahrain

Is Admission to ONLINE programmes available to International students ?
No. None of ONLINE programme of IGNOU is available to International students.
3) Is admission to all the Programmes of IGNOU open to International Students ?
No.Admission to only selected programmes of IGNOU can be taken. The details of programmeson offerto International Students is available on IGNOU’s website at the following link :
4) Is the fee structure for International Students same as applicable to the national students of the University ?
The International students are required to pay International fee for the programme as well as for Exam and other services Charges. The Fee structure applicable for International Students is available on IGNOU’s website at the following link :
5) How International student can take admission to IGNOU’s Programmes?
The candidate can take admission to selected Programmes of IGNOU either :
a)     Through Overseas Study Centres (please visit following link for List of Overseas Study Centres and Programme Offered by them). http://ignou.ac.in/userfiles/Current%20Operational%20OSCs%20updated%20on%2019_4_16.pdf
b)     Through any of the Regional Centres in India. (Please visit following link for the contact details of Regional Centres)
The following are the Guidelines for International Students residing in India.
The learner may apply only for those courses for whichInternational fees have been prescribed.
The learner will have to produce the valid STUDY VISA forthe minimum duration of the programme. Presently, thestudents from Nepal and Bhutan are not required to submitthe Study Visa.
The learner will have to remit the International Fees of theProgramme.
The fee has to be remitted through Bank Draft favouring“IGNOU” payable at “New Delhi”.
The learner should possess the minimum qualification specifiedfor the Programme. However, for equivalence of thequalification of the candidate reference may be made toBooklet “Equivalence of Foreign Degrees” published byAssociation of Indian University. In case the Degree/ Certificate possessed by the candidate is in a language other than English or Hindi, a translated copy duly verified by the concerned Embassy should be submitted.
Before forwarding the Admission form to InternationalDivision, the learner must fill all the Columns of theAdmission Form, failing which the admission form will not beprocessed for admission.
The fees once paid will neither be refunded nor transferred.However, in case where University denies admission, theprogramme fee will be refunded through A/c Payee Chequeonly.
The student needs to submit NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the concerned embassy. In the letter it should be clearly written that the Embassy has no objection regarding study of the concerned student in IGNOU as well as extension of visa from time to time. PIO / OCI Card holders are not required to submit the NOC from concerned Embassy.
For further details you may visit: