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Updated on 27 Aug, 2024

Acquisition Section:

Acquisition Section of the Library deals with the purchase of books, reference books, textbooks serial publication and multi-volume books. The section also deals with day to day operations such as receiving indents for purchase of books, checking duplicates, placing orders, receiving and entering the books with serial number in the accession register as well as in the system of the Library and the budget control etc.

Technical Processing Section:

Technical services are the "behind the scene" activities that a library undertakes to effectively deliver library services to the public. These services include the processes and procedures which are necessary to order library materials, like classifying, cataloging, assigning subject headings, data entry, checking and physical processing, to get the materials ready to put on library shelves. These services also include the activities that are necessary to control the lending and returning of library materials. Other technical services include the activities related to preservation of library materials. Library follows Dewey Decimal classification scheme for classification, AACR2 for Cataloguing, Library of Congress Subject Headings for assigning subject headings and Cutter’s Author mark for Book numbers etc.,
Periodicals Section:

Periodical section handles Print as well as electronic Journals Databases. Processes Journal subscriptions, renewals, orders, payments/advances, Journals receipts, bound volumes every year. Maintains budget (s), accounts and statistics. Regulates the shelf arrangement of the current journals, displays recent arrivals daily.
Circulation Section:

This is the front end of library operations providing the lending services to the library users. All the functions of this section are computerised and the transactions in this section are based on the barcode technology. All the Registered Library Users are provided with a Bar-coded ID Card and all the books in the library are bar-coded.
IT and Computer Section:

This is the hub which monitors all the computerised activities of the library i.e., the back-end of automation activities in the library. Library Server is connected on the Campus-wide Local Area Network apart from connecting all the sections of the library with structured cabling using switches and hubs located in different levels. The section is entrusted with responsibility of maintenance of all the systems, network, Internet and e-mail facilities, training the users, data validation, merging etc. All the staff members are trained to handle the Library software, Operating System, Proxy server, Scanner operations, Networking, Internet and CD based resources etc., apart from rectifying minor trouble shooting in the Hardware, Software, UPS connectivity, Database maintenance. This section also handles various activities like Bibliographic Search Services from Library holdings, OPAC Service, Online Resources Search Service, and Website Maintenance for Online Resources.
Administration Section:

This section handles Budget proposals and monitors the overall expenditure incurred in the Library including settlement of bills, Advances, Imprest amounts etc. Purchase of Equipment and other materials needed for library operation Maintenance of Stock, assets and Consumable registers including stock verification. Posting of staff members in shift duties, holiday duties and maintenance of their leave records and attendance. Over all maintenance of Library building including insurance and pest control. Liaisons with administration, finance and engineering departments. Attends to both internal and external audits.

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[Updated on 23-Jul-2024]