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Online Admission & Re-Registration
Updated on 17 Jun, 2019

Online Fresh Admission
Online Fresh Admission The Online Admission System of IGNOU was inaugurated and dedicated to the students on 7th May, 2015. This is an addon facility in addition to the existing admission system. The facility for online submission of the admission forms is available for the programmes mentioned in the Common Prospectus with effect from the July, 2015 session onwards. The students are required to create their user ID and password along with filling in the details of Programme, Regional Centre and Study Centre chosen for the purpose. The programme fee can be paid through Credit/Debit Card/Net Banking using the online payment Gateway. The response of the students was encouraging and the University admitted 43,469 students through this system for the session July, 2015.
The improvised version of the software has been used for admission to the January 2016 cycle where the students are allowed to edit the filled-in information before final submission to the University. The fee module which was available in the earlier version at the 2nd stage, has now been shifted to the last stage. With this, the system has become more student friendly. As many as 30,979 students took admission through this system for the January 2016 session. The University intends to add more programmes to the OAS from the next session.
The Online Admission System provides many facilities to the students e.g. once the admission form is submitted online, the students can track the progress of their admission. On confirmation of the admission, an SMS is sent to the mobile number of the students in addition to the email message sent on the email ID registered with the System. The Online Admission System has been popular among the prospective students and worked well for the July 2015 and January 2016 Admission Cycles.
The OAS follows the same schedule for receipt of admission forms during the academic cycle as is applicable for the offline system of receipt of Admission Forms. Though the price of the Prospectus is Rs.200/- (in person) with additional Rs.50/- if required by post, it has been kept free for the students who submit their admission form online. However, an amount of Rs.100/- is charged as processing fee from the online students. The Prospectus can be downloaded from IGNOU website http://www.ignou.ac.in The prospective students can access the online admission system at https://onlineadmission.ignou.ac.in
Online Re-Registration
Online Re-Registration In order to further add to the bouquet of services and fulfilling the commitment of the University to provide seamless support to its learners, the University has now developed the cloud-based application for online re-registration of existing learners for 2nd /3rd year for the selected programmes having duration of more than one year. The Online Re-Registration (ORR) Module for July 2016 session has been launched on 15th March, 2016. To begin with, the ORR System provides facility for submitting ReRegistration Forms online for BA, BCOM, BSC, BTS and BSW. The work for providing online re-registration facility for other programmes is in progress and more programmes will be added to the foray with the passage of time.
The system retrieves the admission data and course options of the previous session from the server itself; and the course options available for the current session based on the course options of the previous session(s) are provided as personalized service to the students. The facilities of online payment through payment gateway and tracking the progress of the re-registration are built into the system. The students who had sought admission through the Online Admission System during the last session are able to login with the same ID and password for submission of their RR Form for the July 2016 session also. However, the student switching over from off-line to online system, will have to create the login ID and password in the first place. Subsequently the system will be accessible to them similar to the online fresh admitted student.
The System processes the RR Forms received online and check for any errors. The final data is transferred to the Integrated Student Management System of the University. The Regional Centres are able to download the list of re-registered students along with the detailed Scholar Master for the students of their Regions. The system is expected to enhance the efficiency with reduced time and workload on the part of the Regional Centres.