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Online Fresh Admission
Updated on 04 Feb, 2022

Applicants are required to create their user ID and password before proceeding with IGNOU’s Online Admission system (OAS). Thereafter they can submit the online application forms along the details of Programme, Regional Centre and Study Centre chosen for the purpose. The programme fee can be paid through Credit/Debit Card/Net Banking using the online payment Gateway.

The Online Admission System provides many facilities to the students. Once the admission form is submitted online, the students can track the progress of their application. On confirmation of the admission, an SMS is sent to the mobile number of the students in addition to the email message sent on the email ID registered with the System.
The student Identity Card is generated online, which the students can download and print. We suggest that the interested applicants should carefully go through the Prospectus before submitting their application. The Prospectus can be downloaded from IGNOU website at http://www.ignou.ac.in/.The prospective students can access the online admission system at https://onlineadmission.ignou.ac.in. 

Process flow chart of IGNOU’s existing online admission system:

All online application forms are examined and if the applicants fulfil the eligibility criteria, their applications are approved and admission enrolment numbers are allotted. In case of shortcomings in the form, an email indicating the discrepancies is sent to the learner and only after the discrepancies are removed their admission is confirmed. For all such cases where the eligibility criteria are not met, admission is not confirmed and the programme fee is refunded as per Refund Policy of the University.


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[Updated on 28-Nov-2022]