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Integrated Parental Awareness Programme

This is a programme developed in CEE for imparting parental awareness to parents of school-going children. The main objective of this project is to assist the parents in helping their children’s learning both at home and school. This awareness programme consists of printed modules and audio video programmes to increase the parent’s involvement in the effective functioning of the school.

Teaching of Mother Tongue to Non-Resident Learners

This is a project aimed at those who wish to learn or teach their mother tongue. This is mainly designed for non-resident learners who want to learn their mother tongue where there is no provision for such facility. Under this programme training of teachers, awareness programme for parents, developing teaching learning materials, video documenting of model classes, distributing learning kits, etc., have been conducted. A comprehensive Certificate Course for Teacher Training in Teaching Mother-tongue, is being considered  as a follow-up programme of this pilot project.

Commissioned Project

 a) Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Training of Rural Youth Project

This project has been funded by COL. The Programme aims at equipping rural youth and self-help women's groups that have some agricultural background, with knowledge and technology to take up commercial horticultural farming. The educational package will include video films, audio materials, self-learning print materials and practical hands-on training sessions.

Under Fruit Nursery Production, the attempt is to train participants in the technology for scientific propagation of fruit plants to enable them to set up an enterprise of a modern fruit nursery.

The Commercial Vegetable Farming includes providing scientific techniques in the production of selected vegetable crops. The programme has four main areas-

(i) Potato production

(ii) Seedling raising and nursery production

(iii) Production of direct seeded vegetables

(iv) Production of transplanted vegetables

In the pilot phase, the focus of the programme is on two areas of `Fruit nursery production' and `Potato production.'

It is proposed that the programme will be implemented through varied partners that will include the Krishi Vigyan Kendras (agricultutal training centers) and agricultural universities.


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[Updated on 12-Apr-2024]