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Updated on 17 Aug, 2021



Review of UGC (ODL) Regulations 2017

Preparation for obtaining recognition of IGNOU programmes from UGC

Preparing for obtaining recognition of  IGNOU programmes from UGC in accordance with the UGC (ODL) Regulations 2017 was the first major activity initiated by CIQA.
  1. CIQA held a series of meetings during the period of report with all the Schools of Studies for preparing the Programme Project Reports for programmes on to be offered in July 2018, was compiled by CIQA.
  2. The format for obtaining the Status of SLMs was prepared by the Centre and data was collected from all Schools of Studies for all the programmes on offer, which was submitted to the Academic Council for approval.
  3. Data was collected from all Schools, Divisions, Centres and Units, and compiled by CIQA, for the online application of IGNOU to be submitted to UGC.


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