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  • Recurrent Training of in-service teachers and other functionaries associated with SSA through Distance Learning/Training Materials including face-to-face, print, audio, video and teleconferencing for improving the quality of Elementary Education.

  • Capacity Building of the personnel such as Faculty of SPOs, SCERTs, SIEs, DIETs, BRCs, CRCs responsible for Planning and Organisation of various Distance Learning activities. 

  •  Development of Self-Learning Materials (SLMs) and Print Materials, Script Writing and Production of Audio-Video Programmes.

  • Organising capacity building workshops for development of awareness material on various aspects of SSA through print, audio, video and teleconferencing.

  •  Reviewing and Monitoring of SSA implementation through teleconferencing.

  • Organisation of National Level Seminars, Meetings and Workshops for providing platform to Teachers, Teacher Educators and other functionaries associated with universalisation of Elementary Education.

  • Carrying out Feedback and Impact Studies and utilizing their findings for improving the quality of interventions under SSA.

  • Training of VEC members using Multi-Media Training Package.