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State-Level Management

At the state level, the DEP-SSA programme is implemented through state project director (SPD) SSA, assisted by the distance education coordinators (DECs). The DEC acts as a link between the national project team and the state project office.


The state project directors one in each state/union terrritory are assigned the responsibility of carrying out the DEP-SSA activities, including distance education programme, in active collaboration with the concerned Departments, NGOs, social activists, university teachers, teacher associations, Panchayati Raj representatives, etc. These activities are carried out in a mission mode to accomplish the objectives of the DEP-SSA. The state project directors also act as Chairman of state resource groups (SRGs) meetings constituted in each state.


State project director is the chairperson of the SRG. To achieve the objectives of SSA, the SRGs have been constituted in each state to facilitate the programme implementation and provide support to the national team for capacity development at all levels. The roles and functions of SRG are to identify learning/training needs for quality elementary education and priority areas for distance education inputs/interventions. It provides technical inputs in the development of annual work plan and budget (AWP&B) and review progress of DEP activities. The SRG has experienced educationists, media experts, teacher educators, content experts, teachers and representatives from All India Radio, Doordarshan and NGOs.


The DECs are representatives of the DEP-SSA at the state level. They play an important role in planning, designing and implementing distance education activities in the states. The meeting of DECs is organised twice a year to review the progress and implementation of programmes and activities in states/UTs.