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  • Establishment of Study Centers, Programme Study Centers, Special Study Centers, and Vocational Training Centers.
  • Appointment and renewal of Coordinators/ Programme Incharges
  • Appointment and renewal of academic counselors , consultants and dissertation/research guides at the Regional Centers/Institutes.
  • Delivery of academic programmes through its network of Regional Centers and Study Centers.
  • Identification and launching of need-based programmes through distance and face-to-face learning mode.
  • Organizing Orientation Programmes on academic and administrative matters for Coordinators/P/Ics , academic counselors and other part- time staff of study centers.
  • Organizing Awareness and Extension Programmes, Entrepreneurial activities and Vocational Training Programmes through face-to-face learning mode.
  • Organizing academic conferences and seminars in NER
  • Translation of Self Learning Materials in regional languages.
  • Maintenance of Academic Database
  • Organizing workshops for promotion and publicity of IGNOU programmes.
  • Providing academic support to Regional Centres,Institutes and Centres


  • Administration of Regional Centres and Learner Support Centres in NER.
  • Administration of EDNERU at Headquarters.
  • Processing proposals of Regional Centers and Institutes for conduct of training programmes, workshops conferences and seminars.
  • Maintenance of Gyan Vani FM Radio Station and Edusat Networking in the region
  • Construction of permanent building of Regional Centers
  • Providing administrative support to all Regional Centres, Institutes and Centres.


  • Budgeting and finance of Regional Centers and Institutes of the region.
  • Release of quarterly grants to Regional Centers and Institutes.
  • Budgeting of EDNERU at Headquarters.
  • Finance of translational work in local languages
  • Monitoring monthly Expenditure- Statements of Regional Centres, Institutes and Centres