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New Initiatives

(i) Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education and Development(MGIED) Chuchuyimlang, Nagaland

1. The IGNOU-NGA Complex at Chuchuyimlang village, Nagaland, is named as Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education and Development(MGIED). The Institute proposes to have six centres to carry out the following programmes :

i. Social Work
ii. Vocational Education and Training Social Work
iii. Agriculture Development
iv. Teacher Training
v. Cultural Resource Centre for Naga Arts and Crafts, furthering also Tribal
vi. Gandhi Museum and Study Centre comprising Gandhian and Nagaland/North-
Eastern affairs.

The Centre of Social Work knows as Mahatma Gandhi Centre of Social Work (MGCSW)has come into existence during the Academic year 2010-11.At present it is offering Master in Social Work (MSW) programme through face-to-face mode and developing Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) programme to be launched in the next academic session.
The plan to establish other Centers is currently under way which will offer educational, training and field action programmes and address context- specific issues through interdisciplinary, flexible and innovative approaches in education and training with strong outreach components.

(ii) Vocational Training Centers
Vocational Training Centers (VTC) ,under IIVET,Shillong , are being established across the NE Region to promote skill based Vocational Training to youth of the Region.

(iii) Certification and Accredition of Indigenous Art and Practices
EDNERU, through IIVET,Shillong ,is in the process of identifying traditional art forms and promoting them through Certification and Accredition of the Indigenous art forms i.e Martial Arts in KALARI and TYAM etc .

(iv) The IIVET Shillong has taken initiatives in the areas of tourist guide and citizen journalism. 225 student are registered in guwahati for these short term Programme .this is also being taken up at the national level.

(v) IIVET has set up a career as a member of the Indian welding society , new Delhi. to understand vocational training programmes in the north east, IIVET has taken initiative to address the issues of prior knowledge and certification in the areas of Welding Society.

(vi) IIVET has set up a Career Guidance Cell in Handique Girls College, Guwahati. the Cell is Functional and over 140 students Citizen journalism and tourist Guide are attached to it.

(vii) NECRD is in the process of developing pre- Ph.D prog. for Doctorate who have completed their Degrees without course work this course is one of the first of this kind india.