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Updated on 09 Nov, 2022

1.         Orientation and Sensitization Programmes
(i)         Orientation and sensitization programmes for IGNOU Staff
(ii)        Orientation and sensitization programmes for IGNOU Faculty and Academics
(iii)       SAMVAD – Series of Online Sensitization Programmes on Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Other                                  Under-privileged Groups
(iv)       Sensitization programme for IGNOU learners on disability issues.
2.         Support to Learners with Disabilities of IGNOU
(i)         Providing Self Learning Material in Accessible Format on demand
(ii)        Wheelchairs facility at different blocks and offices at Headquarters for learners with disabilities.
(ii)        Providing support of getting scribes during examination through Regional Centres
(iii)       Providing support in getting assistive devices to learners with disabilities of IGNOU.
(iv)      Grievance Redressal of staff and learners with disabilities
3.         Capacity Building of IGNOU Faculty, Staffs and Academic Counselors
4.         Celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities every year
5.         Teleconferences and IRC on Disability Issues
6.         Networking with National/International Organizations (government and non-government) /Universities
7.         Research and Development
List of researchers
S. No.
Enrollment number
Name of supervisor
Ms. Divya M. Sharma
Influence of Inspiratory Muscle stretching on clinical parameters in patients with pulmonary disability
Dr. S. K. Prasad
Ms. Archana Singh
Study to explore the relationship of social recognition with the development and progress of ADHD till adolescence
Dr. S. K. Prasad
Ms. Aziza Karim
Studying the attitudes of rural and urban untrained ad trained teachers in disability towards children with special needs in inclusive schools
Dr. Arun Banik
Mr. Anil Kumar
Adjustment pattern among students with specific learning disability
Dr. S. K. Prasad
Mr. Aninda Duti Banik
Development of synthetic sentence identification test in Bengali for children and adult: application in learning disabled, stuttering and visual impairment
Dr. S. K. Prasad
Ms. Benis Aslam
Study the effect of personality traits and adjustment pattern in relation to the management of patients having musculoskeletal disorders
Dr. S. K. Prasad
Mr. Uppe Gangadhar
Impact of severity of retardation on vocational rehabilitation in adults with intellectual disability with reference to international classification of functioning disability and health framework
Dr. Hemlata
Ms. Mohita
Attitude of employers and employment status of people with disability in corporate sector
Dr. Smita Gupta
1.         Preparation/Development of Resource Material
            (i)         Report of Research on Accessibility
            (ii)        Compilation of Research Abstracts
            (iii)       Awareness Module on Disability
            (iv)       Report of Workshops on Capacity Building
(v)        Developed two credit course on Persons with Disabilities and their Rights in collaboration with SOCE.
2.         Preparation/Development of Audio Visual Programmes
            (i)         IGNOU Brochure in Indian Sign Language
            (ii)        BAG Programme Guide in Universally Accessible Format (Sign Language)
            (iii)       Never Give Up
            (iv)       Overview of Intellectual Disability
            (vi)       Technology for Persons with Visual Impairment
3.         Radio Programmes
             (i)         Education for Children with disabilities
             (ii)        Vocational/Career Development of persons with Disabilities 
            (iii)       Causes and Prevention of Disabilities
            (iv)       Benefits, Concessions and Facilities Provided by Government of India to Persons with Disabilities.
             (v)        Viklangta ek parichay
            (vi)       Viklangta se sambandhit adhiniyam
            (vii)      Role of Psychology in Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities
           (viii)     Psychological programme arised due to disability
            (ix)       Personality traits and coping styles of Persons with Disabilities
             (x)        Psychological adjustment and disabilities
            (xi)       Gift Dyslexia (Learning Disability). Is it a Disability or Diversity?
4.         Teleconferences
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