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Other Innovative Activities
Updated on 14 Jan, 2019

Bilingual Digital Question Bank

Comprehensive bilingual question banks including marking schemes for about 200 courses covering about 30 programmes, have been developed. Question paper designs, blueprints and the sample papers have also been generated for these courses. Question bank is being used for instant generation of question papers for On-Demand Exam. It can also be used for generation of question papers for Term End Examinations.
Prototype Online Examination System

In order to make the examination system more flexible and learner friendly and aiming at “instant testing-instant result”, NCIDE has developed a prototype system of online examination and evaluation. The Online exam scheme will help in spontaneous generation of question paper online, immediate Evaluation online and, immediate transfer of student data, their results and their records to the Students Evaluation Division. Besides better quality of question paper with 100% objectivity, immediate Evaluation and result declaration are some of the features of this scheme.

IGNOU’s e-Resource of Experts

In order to develop a dynamic database of the experts, NCIDE has developed a web based solution named as “e-Resource of Experts”. The e-Resource of Experts will be useful for identifying the best available expertise in the country for different academic activities of IGNOU such as course writer, editor, translator, question paper setter, moderator, and evaluators. The e-Resource of Experts has three modules namely Data Entry Module, Data Access Module and Administrators Module. The Data Entry Module is open for all. Any academic expert, from any part of the world can submit his/her profile online. The database can be accessed by the faculty and staff of IGNOU through Data Access Module.
For more information please visit at http://eresourceofexperts.ignou.ac.in/
Automated TMA Generation and Assignment Banking System

NCIDE has taken up a pilot project to develop an Automated TMA Generation and Assignment Banking System for the University. It has a provision of developing an online database of the assignment items in various courses and gives a facility for instant generation of course wise Assignment tests by the faculty.