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Team SSC

Dr. K. Nilofer

Assistant Director

Dr. K. Nilofer has Ph.D in Urdu Literature from University of Delhi and Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education(IGNOU). After completion of her studies, she joined IGNOU as Asstt. Regional Director in the year of 2012. She worked as ARD in Regional Centre Rajkot, Aligarh and Khanna. During her initial days. Since April, 2018, Dr. K. Nilofer is posted at IGNOU HQ in SSC as Asstt. Director. SSC functions as an interface between the learner and the University. SSC strives to provide the right information at the right time, to facilitate and provide support services for the divergent learner population, to redress grievances at every stage and thus tries to bridge the gap between the organization and the learner. Queries and grievances are received at SSC through various modes, namely, by fax, post, in person, e-mails/SMS, whatsapp, telephone calls and on-line Portals.

She is monitoring various portals like PG Portal, RTI-MIS, INGRAM, UGC, IGRAM and handling student enquiries and grievances. Interactive radio counselling “Aapki Khatir”carried out by officials at EMPC on every Monday of each month,Attending of live Telephonic queries Teleconferencing of “Aao Baat Kare” programme on 1st week of every month.

She presented her paper on “Impact of Face-to-Face Admission Counselling on Prospective Learners in ODL: A Case Study” at 4th International Conference on Distance Education and Learning. In May,2019 at Shanghai, China.

Her special interest is in Urdu literature. She has one novel to her credit which was published in 2010 with the titles’Outrame lane’. She has received award for best novel from Delhi Urdu Academy in 2010. My first book “Qamar Rais ki ilmi-o-adbi shinakht” was published in 2004. In, 2012 the book named “Urdu Muhavra Lughat” was published. This book contains 11,500 idioms which was compiled by her, and has the largest no. of idioms in Urdu literature.

She still continuing her writing stories for kids(child literature) and about seven stories have been published in different magazines namely, Umang(Delhi), Gulbootey(Mumbai), Bachhon ki Duniya(published by MHRD).

Official Address:
Student Service Centre,
IGNOU Main Campus,
Maidan Garhi,
New Delhi - 110068
New Delhi, India