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Updated on 07 Dec, 2021

Dr. Tata Ramakrishna

Associate Professor


He has done his Master’s and M.Phil. and Ph.D from the Centre for Political Studies (CPS), JNU. In his M.Phil. He has worked on the area – ’Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation: Evaluating the Government Policies on Dams in Orissa’. For his Ph.D is had worked on  ‘Disability and Right to Education in India: Politics, Policies and Programmes’ in his Ph.D.

Before joining STRIDE as faculty, he got Junior Research fellowship (JRF) awarded by U.G.C. He has also been associated with many NGO’S at Regional and National Level working towards the empowerment of the persons with disabilities.

His area of interest includes: Research especially on education, political affairs and socio economic aspects of rural areas. To know more about the impact and usage of Information Technology on persons with disabilities and to connect the disadvantaged sections including persons with disabilities with the main stream of the society are also of his great interest. It may be mentioned here that with great learning comes great responsibilities and he too has his own shares of responsibilities and challenges which he faces every day. His priority as of today is training and capacity building of different personnel in IGNOU and of other ODL institutions for exploring ways and means to provide access, equity and quality education to the students with disabilities. He would also like to share the responsibilities of other colleagues in terms of design and development of curriculum for training, in developing appropriate training tools, techniques and methods for skill development, and lastly in contextualizing and applying Interactive Communication Technologies (ICT) for every spheres of educational activities.

Some of his achievements are:

• Designed and developed a handbook titled “Serving Students with Disabilities in Distance Education” (STRIDE handbook-17) and has been conducting training cum workshops for the support staff of IGNOU to deal with the students with disabilities and their issues more effectively.
• Revised the course MDE-413 i.e. ‘Learner’s Support Systems and Services’ of Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADE) programme, which he is coordinating at present.
• Extended his support to STRIDE in coordination of the MADE programme from October 2014 till April 2019.
• Conducted national workshops on development of self-learning material in ODL, Refresher programme in Distance Education for the IGNOU teachers and academics and a few training programmes on RTI related issues for the PIOs of IGNOU with other colleagues at STRIDE.

Subject: Doctor of Philosophy
Year: Continuing
Name of the University: Centre for Political Studies, JNU, New Delhi
Discipline: Political Science
Doctoral Research Topic: Disability & Right to Education in India: Politics, Policies & Programmes
Subject: Master of Philosophy
Year: February 2006
Name of the university: Centre for Political Studies, JNU, New Delhi
Discipline: Political Science
Dissertation Topic:   M.Phil. (Political Science)
(Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation: Evaluating the Government Policies on Dams in Orissa)
Subject: Master of Arts
Year: 2003
Name of the university: Centre for Political Studies, JNU, New Delhi
 Discipline: Political Science
Subject: Bachelor of Arts
Year: 2001
Name of the university: Khallikote College, (Autonomous) Berhampur University, Odisha

WORK EXPERIENCE: About 14 Years.



Sl. No.
Name of the Fellowship/Awards
Granting/ Awarding Institution
National Eligibility Test for Lectureship
 University Grants Commission
 December 2002
Qualified NET and Junior Research  Fellowship
 University Grants Commission
 June 2005


Books: 01 (authored)
Research Papers and Reports Published: 13
Research Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals: 05
In Others: 01
Chapters in Books: 7
Papers presented at International/National Conferences: 9
Policy Documents: 02


Membership of Professional body/Statutory body
Name of statutory body/institution
Member in the Committee for the Implementation of the National Policy Document for Persons with Disabilities.
From Jan. 2010 to
May 2010
Member of users committee for visually impaired
Library & Documentation Division, IGNOU
From Aug. 2008 to Oct. 2008
Member of Special Group for the area of ‘Common Student Information System’
From Oct. 2013 to
Dec. 2013
Member of a Committee for developing a draft reservation policy for IGNOU admissions. 
From Feb. 2014 to April 2014
Member of Accommodation, Transportation, Registration updation and Certificate Printing Committee for STRIDE Skill Seminar.
From Feb. 2017 to March 2017
Member of Executive Committee
IGNOU Teachers’ Association,
2015 to 2017
Member of the School Board
School of Law, IGNOU
21st Feb., 2017 to
20th  Feb., 2019
Member in the Committee for Universal Accessibility of Electronic and Print Study Material of IGNOU
From Jan. 2019 to
Till Date







Official Address:
Indira Gandhi National Open University,
New Delhi - 110068
New Delhi, India
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