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Updated on 17 May, 2022

Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication (MAJMC)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 4 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 25,000
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


The learners should have Bachelors Degree in any discipline. They should have access to computers, Internet and basic knowledge of word processing (for creating word documents and communicating through the Internet for sending and receiving mails, browsing sites etc.)

Medium of Instruction
The programme is initially offered in English medium. The material will be translated in Hindi and the programme will be later offered in Hindi medium also.

Fee: Rs 25,000/ (for both years; payable in two installments of Rs 12,500/ per year) 

The MA (JMC) programme is modular in nature in which to earn 64 credits, the learner will have to complete 32 credits each year. There is a provision for lateral exit for those who do not wish to continue after one year and such students shall be awarded Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication. Lateral entry option to the II year of MAJMC is available to those who have completed PGJMC from IGNOU.


Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Shikha Rai (First Year, MAJMC)
Ms. Padmini Jain (Second Year, MAJMC)
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068
011-29571608, (Dr. Shikha Rai)
011-29571607, (Ms. Padmini Jain)


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