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Programmes Under Development
Updated on 08 Jan, 2021

1.            P.G. Diploma in Translation – Under revision

The School initiated the process to revise the P.G. Diploma in Translation (PGDT) programme. With the approval of Phase-ZERO form of PGDT by the School Board of SOTST, an Expert Committee was hold on 27-28 November, 2018 to design the detailed syllabus and structure of the PGDT (Revised) programme. The draft syllabus and structure was placed in the School Board. The Board in its meeting held on 31st May 2019 approved the Programme Revision Form (PRF) of PGDT and ratify the Minutes of the Expert Committee Meeting for designing the syllabus/courses vide its item No. 26.6. The approved PRF (Programme Revision Form) will be placed before the Academic Council.
2.            P.G. Diploma in Sindhi-Hindi-Sindhi Translation
In order to promote Sindhi language, literature and culture, National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL), Ministry of Human Resource Development, GOI has established ‘Sindhi Chair’ housed in School of Translation Studies and Training (SOTST), IGNOU. The MoU was signed between IGNOU and NCPSL on 27th October, 2015

As per resolution of the 3rd Advisory Committee Meeting of the Sindhi Chair held on 5.1.2016 vide Agenda Item No. SCAC 03.4.2, it was proposed to develop ‘P.G. Diploma in Sindh-Hindhi-Sindhi Translation’ by the SOTST.

The duly approved Phase-I Form (programme Proposal Form) by the SB and CA to develop the above-mentioned programme has been submitted to Planning Board. The Academic Programme Committee, standing Committee of Planning Board approved the Phase-I Form (Programme Proposal Form) of ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Sindhi-Hindi-Sindhi Translation’ in the 54th A.P.C. meeting held on 15th March 2018 vide Item No. A.P.C. 54.9.2 approved the Phase-I.

With the approval of the competent authority, an Expert Committee Meeting of proposed programme was held on 31 January 2019 and the draft syllabus was prepared, which was approved in the 26th School Board meeting of SOTST held on 31.05.2019 The same will be placed before the Academic Council

Anuvad evam Rupantaran mein snatakottar pramanpatra karyakram

The School proposed the programme. The duly approval Phase-I form (PPF) by the School Board and Competent Authority to develop the above mentioned programme submitted to Academic Programme Committee (APC)
The programme was approved in the 56th APC held on October 30, 2018. under Further  the programme was also approved by 47th meeting of Planning Board held on April 11, 2019 asAnuvad evam Rupantaran mein snatakottar pramanpatra karyakram.The Expert Committee Meeting of the programme will be held shortly.