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Updated on 18 Apr, 2013

Special Talks

Two special lectures were delivered by Prof. Purshottam Agrawal and Shri Ashok Vajpeyi. Besdies, special lectures and talks were also delivered by emient scholars Prof. Chandra Mohan and Prof. T. Satyanath from Delhi University, Prof. O'. Leary from University of Leeds, Prof. Klaus Stierstoffer from University of Muenster and Prof. Yin Chang from University of South China

  • Prof. C J Daswani, U G C Eminent Professor, 6th May 2012, delivered a talk on 'Issues in Translation within India.
  • Prof. Varghese Mathai, Judson University, USA, 27 Sept. 2012, delivered a talk on Research Methodology
  • Prof. Dorothy Figueira, University of Georgia, USA, 1st Oct. to 6th  Oct. 2012 delivered a talk on Translation Studies and Comparative literature 
  • Dr. Snehal Sanghvi, University of Texas, 30th Nov. 2012 delivered a talk on 'Translation from Hindi to English' with special reference to his experience as a Translator for Premchand's Sevasadan..
  • Prof. Christina Oesterheld, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 4th Dec. 2012 delivered a talk on her Experiences as Translator of Indian Languages