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10 January, 2013

Students now can view/download IGNOU Study Material free of cost from the University website (www.ignou.ac.in).
To View/Download IGNOU Study Material first register at http://www.egyankosh.ac.in/register .Select registration type and press <GO Key> and fill in the Registration Form. You will receive a mail containing a special URL. When you visit this URL, you will need to fill in some simple information. After that, you'll be ready to log into eGyanKosh.
Visit http://www.egyankosh.ac.in/password-login to login and access course material available on eGyanKosh.
The following steps may be used to view/download IGNOU study material.
a)  At search repository window (Top Left Corner) type Course Code or Course name or relevant Keyword for the content you are searching for and press <enter Key>
b)  Click on Course code/Course name to View/Download (under Community hits)
c)  Click on respective blocks
d)  Click on respective links (under List of Items)
e)   Click on ‘View/Open’ button to View/Download the Study Material
f)   The other option is to browse through the community list by clicking India in the Home Page.

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