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Venue:- Le Meridien Kochi, India
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Pre-conference Workshop

Title: Mentoring in Schools: A Tool for Collaborative Reflective Practice

Date and Time: 24 November 2010, 9.00 am to 1.30 pm

Venue: IGNOU Regional Centre, Kaloor, Cochin 682017, Kerala

Cost: $20.00 or Rs1000, payable at the venue

Mentoring in Schools: A Tool for Collaborative Reflective Practice

A major issue in the area of teacher education has been the quality of training teachers receive and of opportunities available for continuing professional development. This acquires significance given the problems of poorly equipped teachers in most Indian schools. There is little opportunity for teachers to reflect on their beliefs which helps to (de)construct their own personal theories. Therefore, mentoring as a tool for collaborative reflective practice as opposed to prescriptive models of teacher education is proposed which involves teachers in exploring teaching in a live context; it caters for their diverse interests and capabilities by creating a space for them to share experiences in order to develop a coherent knowledge-base of informed perspectives leading to a community of practice.  

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Title of the Tutorial : Teaching/Skill Development using ICT and e-Learning

Date and Time : 24 November, 2010, 9.00am to 1:30 pm

Venue: IGNOU Regional Centre, Kaloor , Cochin 682017,Kerala

Fee/Cost: $25 or Rs 1000, payable at the venue (The number of seats are limited and registration will be offered on first come first serve basis)



 Education in current scenario is being seen as interaction, conceptual interchange and collaborative convergence. For educational content delivery it is essential to have proper sequencing and structuring of the topics into an environment for smooth interaction. A collaborative learning environment provides platform for discussion, group projects and debates. With ever increasing numbers of learners, providing quality teaching and skill development is almost impractical by just using only conventional class room based teaching and conventional vocational skill based training. To provide education and skill to a large numbers of learners, use of ODL paradigm and ICT is not only very helpful but also essential.

With its advent the PC has taken an ever increasing important role in our life including area of teaching and learning. The Internet provides means for transmission of information from any place on the earth to any other, almost in real time. The World Wide Web(WWW), which has opened floodgates of  information to every one, round the clock, just at the click of a button, has provided new dimension to e-Learning and opened the door to online education and training. The development in the area of communication technology, multimedia databases, streaming techniques, data mining techniques and artificial intelligence(AI) have provided opportunities to have a virtual university in reality. The problem of complex nature may be solved by applying AI and data mining techniques. These techniques may be especially useful in solving complex problems using collaborative efforts and environments. Further a virtual environment may be created using various available technologies including multimedia and streaming technologies.

Details of the Tutorial:

This tutorial is intended to emphasis more on technological aspects, of course, intertwined with relevant pedagogical aspects for various technologies. The topics to be covered in this tutorial are:

Issues related to formal and informal education, their advantages and disadvantages. Some triggers such as development of PC, computer networking, Internet, WWW, and artificial intelligence, web intelligence, and data mining which helped in making ODL systems more dynamic,robust,effective, and acceptable. Also mentioned will be topics relating to challenges in using  ICT effectively and efficiently; and also in respect of  filling the existing gap in demand and supply of educational technologies to offer QoS. We will be also discuss  uses of ICT in e-Learning , uses of ICT for teaching and skill development, software technologies and tools  for e-Learning.

The whole interactive tutorial will broadly divided into four sub sections:

  1. Introduction: This section will be covering discussion on conventional learning,   need of  e-Learning, key attributes & issues for e-Learning and fundamentals for technological & pedagogical designs for e-Learning etc.
  2.  Technologies and Application Systems   for e-Learning : This section will be covering  Database Management Systems, WWW, Web 2.0 and onwards, Streaming Media, Data Mining, Web Mining, Blogs, Wikki, LMS,AI, Intelligent System etc.
  3. Advance Topics: This section will be covering  pedagogical issues, research questions, and challenges for e-Learning. AI and its applications to e-Learning .
  4. This section will be dedicated  for Participants Discussion suggestions/ questionnaires/sharing experiences

Resource Prersons/Presenter:
Prof. Manohar Lal ,Professor and Director, School of Computer and Information Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi , Email:
Mr. M.P.Mishra, Assistant Professor,School of Computer and Information Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi ,Email:

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Title : M-learning: Pedagogical Perspectives
Resource Persons:
Prof. K. R. Srivathsan, Pro-Vice Chacellor, IGNOU and Former Head of the Department, IIT, Kanpur

Mr.Dhananjay S Naik, Manager, Content and Business Development, NOKIA India

Mr.Natesh, Director, Emerging Market Services,  NOKIA India

Ms.G.Mythili, Senior Analyst, Staff Training and Research in Distance Education, IGNOU, New Delhi

Mr.P.Venkata Suresh, Assistant Professor, School of Computer and Information Science, IGNOU, New Delhi

Date and Time: November 23rd, 2010 from 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM


Rajagiri College of Engineering & Technology,
Rajagiri Valley, Cochin - 682039


Cost (includes Workshop kit, Snacks and Lunch)

For Foreigners: US $100

For Indians : Rs.5000/- (in the form of Cash OR Draft in favor of IGNOU , New Delhi)

For IGNOU Academic Counselors and IGNOU students: Entry is free (Only first 50 persons will be registered on first come first served basis). As there is no registration fee for IGNOU Academic Counselors and IGNOU students, they will not get workshop kit. Also, they need to make their own arrangements for Lunch)

About the Workshop

This workshop commences with the introduction of various paradigms of  learning such as Face-to-face, distance, e-learning and m-learning. Then, it specifically addresses the issues related to m-learning. It covers aspects related to teaching and learning using mobile technologies. The methodology of workshop includes presentations, demonstrations, interactions, discussions and feedback/evaluation.


Please confirm your  participation to Ms.G.Mythili at or Mr.P.V.Suresh at .  Payment can be made at the venue.  In the mail, please indicate your Name, Country, Mobile number, and e-mail address. As seats are limited, you will receive confirmation mail from workshop coordinators.

Participants need to make their own arrangements for travel and stay. For assistance for accommodation, please refer to

Contact information

For information related to PCF6 pre-conference, please contact the following workshop coordinators:

  1. Ms.G.Mythili, Senior Analyst, Staff Training and Research in Distance Education, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Maidangarhi, New Delhi-110068 ( )
  2. Mr.P.V.Suresh, Assistant Professor, School of Computer and Information Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Maidangarhi, New Delhi -110068 ( )

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