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Updated on 11 Oct, 2019

The objectives of Dr BR Ambedkar Chair on Social Change and Development are to disseminate the ideas and thoughts of Dr Ambedkar. This is achieved by organising academic programmes, seminars, workshops, lectures, films and courses, etc. directed towards achieving his goal of a society based on liberty, equality and fraternity.

The Chair undertakes projects of documenting the history of the movement, for instance, the ‘Dalit Heritage Biography Project’, under which the biographies ofactivists in the anti-caste movements would be documented.

Recently, the Chair organised a seminar-cum-workshop 'Art of the Marginalised: Bhil and Gond Tribals,' under which master artists and poets from these tribes interacted with college students of Delhi and the IGNOU community.

At present, a four-credit course on the 'Philosophy of Dr Ambedkar' is being organised. This will be offered at the Master's level and will cover Dr Ambedkar's philosophy of economics, caste, religion, gender and the history of India, giving a background on his life and times.

The Chair also undertakes the commemoration of the birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar on April 14 every year.

The eminent sociologist Dr Gail Omvedt is the Chair Professor.


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