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About Regional Centres
Updated on 12 Sep, 2019

The University operates through a network of 56 Regional Centres(RC), 11 Recognized Regional Centres (RRC) (i.e., 6, IGNOU-Army RRC, 4, IGNOU-Navy RRC 1, IGNOU-Assam Rifles RRC) and nearly 2000 Learner Support Centres across the country. The vast network of RCs and LSCs extends the outreach of IGNOU to the hitherto deprived rural, remote, socially and physically disadvantaged segments of population, providing them access to quality and cost-effective higher education in a flexible manner.
The Regional Centre has been defined under Section 2(J) of the IGNOU Act as under: "Regional Centre" means a Centre established or maintained by the University for the purpose of coordinating and supervising the work of the Study Centres in any region and for performing such other functions as may be conferred on such Centre by the Board of Management (BoM).

Further, under Section 5(1) (XXVI) of the Act, the University is empowered “To confer autonomous status on a College or a Regional Centre in the manner laid down by the statutes”

Establishment of Regional Centre

Regional Centres are established with the support and cooperation of the respective State Governments and are responsible for promotion of the ODL system in the State/ region, establishment,development, maintenance and monitoring of LSCs. Regional Centres are also responsible for thedelivery of programmes and student support services and organization of staff development programmes.

Functions of Regional Centre

The major activities of a Regional Centre can be broadly categorized as academic, administrative and promotional. The Regional Centres are responsible for the promotion of the Open University system; development, maintenance and monitoring of Study Centres and Student Support Services; and organisation of staff development programmes in the region, for training coordinators/counsellors/other functionaries.
Regional Centres, is the sub-office of the University for all practical purposes, and also intended to act as resource centre of the University in respective regions.


The following facilities have been provided at Regional Centres:
• Library with study materials of all the academic programmes, Programme Guides and some reference books
• Direct Receiving System (DRS) and equipment to receive satellite signals for interactive teleconference
• EDUSAT facilities
• Video cassettes / CDs
• Audio cassettes / CDs
• Computer Laboratory equipped with computers, servers, CD-writers, Scanners and printers
• Telephone and Fax
• TV / VCR / VCD
• Internet and related items
• Adequate furniture
• Promotional literature of the University.


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