01 July, 2016
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             Academic programmes on offer 2016-2017      
<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soa/introduction>School of Agriculture (SOA)</a> School of Agriculture (SOA)
Offering a large variety of job-related coursesin agriculture, like Dairy Technology, Plantation Management
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/socis/introduction>School of Computer and Information Sciences (SOCIS)</a> School of Computer and Information Sciences (SOCIS)
Disseminating computer sciences knowledge through innovative means
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soce/introduction>School of Continuing Education (SOCE)</a> School of Continuing Education (SOCE)
With focus on rural development, women and child development youth, disability, nutritionand health
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soe/introduction>School of Education (SOE)</a> School of Education (SOE)
The first school of IGNOU, conducting courses in different realms of education and training
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soet/introduction>School of Engineering & Technology (SOET)</a> School of Engineering & Technology (SOET)
With a range of programmes: From Civil Engineering toShoe Upper Cutting
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soeds/introduction>School of Extension and Development Studies (SOEDS)</a> School of Extension and Development Studies (SOEDS)
Enhancing learners’ understanding inlivelihoodand empowerment studies
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sofl/introduction>School of Foreign Languages (SOFL)</a> School of Foreign Languages (SOFL)
Offering PhD to certificate courses in Arabic, German, Japanese, Spanish and Persian
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sogds/introduction>School of Gender and Development Studies (SOGDS)</a> School of Gender and Development Studies (SOGDS)
Sensitising learners about gender and related issues
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sohs/introduction>School of Health Sciences (SOHS)</a> School of Health Sciences (SOHS)
Providing in-service training for medical, nursing, paramedical and allied personnel through distance mode
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soh/introduction>School of Humanities (SOH)</a> School of Humanities (SOH)
Among the earliest schools, comprising the disciplines of English and Hindi and a Translation Cell
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soitds/introduction>School of Inter-Disciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Studies (SOITS)</a> School of Inter-Disciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Studies (SOITS)
Provides enabling space for interdisciplinary academic studies and research
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sojnms/introduction>School of Journalism and New Media Studies (SOJNMS)</a> School of Journalism and New Media Studies (SOJNMS)
Initiating journalism aspirants into the rigours ofprint, electronic media
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sol/introduction>School of Law (SOL)</a> School of Law (SOL)
Providing insight into new-age legal issues: Patent pracitices, cyber law, human rights
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soms/introduction>School of Management Studies (SOMS)</a> School of Management Studies (SOMS)
The Management Programmes offered by the School currently consists of 65 courses. In the Commerce Discipline the School offers 46 courses.
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sopva/introduction>School of Performing and Visual Arts (SOPVA)</a> School of Performing and Visual Arts (SOPVA)
Imparting aestheticsensitivity through Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sos/introduction>School of Sciences (SOS)</a> School of Sciences (SOS)
Offering doctoral to certificate programmes in various science disciplines
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/soss/introduction>School of Social Sciences (SOSS)</a> School of Social Sciences (SOSS)
Offering programmes in disciplines like Economics, History, Political Science and Public Administration
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sosw/introduction>School of Social Work (SOSW)</a> School of Social Work (SOSW)
Offering distance programmes, as well as a regular programme with focus on family education, HIV/ AIDS
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sothssm/introduction>School of Tourism and Hospitality Service Management (SOTHSM)</a> School of Tourism and Hospitality Service Management (SOTHSM)
Offering job-related courses
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sotst/introduction>School of Translation Studies and Training (SOTST)</a> School of Translation Studies and Training (SOTST)
Fostering an environment of translation and enriching Indian literary tradition
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<a href=/ignou/aboutignou/school/sovet/introduction>School of Vocational Education and Training (SOVET)</a> School of Vocational Education and Training (SOVET)
Focusing on skill development of Indian youth through vocational programmes
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