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Updated on 07 Jun, 2022

Collaboration with GOAL-Guyana
(Source: Inputs from IGNOU RC Delhi-1)


The Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL), Guyana, in July 2021 session sponsored 804 learners in 25 programmes for the July 2021 session. Launched in 2021, as per their website, the GOAL is a part of the Government of Guyana’s transformative agenda to have an educated workforce. GOAL, through partnerships with several international Universities is mandated to provide a myriad of pertinent programs ranging from Certificates to Doctorates, for Guyanese across the length and breadth of Guyana.
These 25 IGNOU Programmes of July 2021 session include 9 Certificate level Programmes (CFN, CTS, CCDP, CDM, CHCWM, CMSR, CNCC, CPT and CTPM), 6 Diploma Programmes (DCE, DCYP, DECE, DNHE, DVAPFV, and DWED), 7 PG Diploma Programmes (PGDDE, PGDDM, PGDIPR, PGDRD, PGDSLM, PGJMC and PGDESD), 2 Bachelor  Degree Programmes (BCA and BTS) and 1 Awareness Level Programme (APDF). In Jan 2022 session, we have got 172 learners in MA Psychology.

RC Delhi-1 was identified as the Nodal Centre for providing the academic support services to these learners. RC, with the help of total 62 Academic Counsellors including IGNOU Faculty, prepared the Counselling Schedules for these GOAL Learners of July 2021 session as per Guyana Timings (GYT). The Counselling sessions started from 15.11.2021 and on the date of preparing this report, the theory counselling sessions of 18 Programmes have been successfully completed.  The counselling of 07 remaining Programmes, which are of annual nature and the learners will be eligible to appear in June 2022 term end exams, is about to complete. The counselling sessions of MAPC Programme have been started from the first week of April, 2022. The Term End Exams of Certificate Level Programmes and BCA (Semester based programme) of the learners of July 2021 session have been conducted in online proctored manner from 27.04.2022 to 04.05.2022.
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