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As the name suggests Student Evaluation Division is charged with the responsibility of  monitoring registration of student sof various courses evaluation of their performance in Term-end examinations in continuous evaluation and award of Degrees/Diplomas etc.
Whereas the registration, re-registration activities are accomplished at the respective Regional Centres. Student Evaluation Division is the main repository of the Student's Central database relating to course registration, assignment scores and Term-end examination scores.
Functions and Activities
Primary responsibilities of Student Evaluation Division are admission of students and evaluation of their performance through continuous internal assessment and term-end examinations. The University advertises all the programmes offered by it once or twice a year during April to June in the National dailies. Applications of students are submitted and scrutinised initially at the concerned Regional Centre, but the admissions are finalised at the headquarters.
The division has been conducting entrance exams for admission to various programmes. Student Evaluation Division stores admission data for all the students and supplies this data to various functionaries in the University. It looks after credit transfer, re-registration, change of course, Study Centres, Regional Centres name etc. 
The division receives awards of Tutor Marked Assignments from the Study Centres and Computer Marked Assignments directly from the students and processes them. It also evaluates project reports of the students. It provides over all guidance to students for various courses of University and solves all problems relating to students registration and evaluation.
For the examination, the division prepares an eligibility chart of various batches of students to take examination. It prints, despatches exam forms to Study Centres and Regional Centres and receives them. A Programwise list of examination centres is prepared. It gets the question papers printed and despatch question paper and examination material to all centres on the basis of abstract. The division receives all the answer books and arrange evaluating of the same. The result is then compiled and grade cards printed for each student.
The division also organises Convocation each year to confer the degrees & diplomas to the successful candidates. The Convocation is done through teleconferencing mode at   the Regional Centres.