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Composition of the Committee for CIQA
Updated on 10 Jan, 2021

A per the University Grants Commission (Open and Distance Learning) Regulations, 2017, a Centre for Internal Quality Assurance Committee of CIQA has been constituted within the University by the Vice Chancellor. The Committee shall perform following functions:-
1.      Decide policies for programme development methodology and programme delivery mechanism that are aligned with the vision and mission of the Higher Educational Institution;
2.      Advice on any issues related to programme development, Information and Communication Technology intervention and implementation, learning and teaching, collaboration referred to the Committee;
3.      Supervise academic approval and related modification procedures and to ensure that programmes satisfy stated design requirements and academic standards appropriate to the type and level of award as per philosophy of the Open and Distance Learning mode of education;
4.      Promote automation of academic and administrative activities of the Higher Educational Institution, Regional Centres and Study Centres or Learner Support Centres;
5.      Oversee and report on the effectiveness of systems for self-evaluation and monitoring;
6.      Appoint external subject experts or agencies or organisations for validation and annual review of its in-house process, its Learner Support Centres, Open and Distance Learning mode programmes etc.;
7.      Appoint third party auditing bodies for quality audit of programme (s);
8.      Approval of Self-Appraisal Report to be submitted to the Assessment and Accreditation agencies on behalf of Higher Educational Institution;
9.      Promote collaboration and association for quality enhancement of Open and Distance Learning mode of education and research therein; and
10. Encourage industrial involvement and industry-institution linkage for providing exposure to the learners.
The composition of the Committee for CIQA is as follows:


1.    Chairperson: Head of the Institution
Prof. Nageshwar Rao,
Vice Chancellor, IGNOU
2.    Teachers to represent all level (Three to eight)
1.      Pro Vice Chancellor
2.      Prof. B B Khanna- SOMS
3.      Prof. Uma Kanjilal- SOSS
4.      Dr.V.V. Subrahmanyam- SOCIS
5.      Dr. Heena K Bijli – SOCE
6.      Dr. Sonia Sharma- SOTHSM
7.      Dr. M Shanmugam- RSD
8.      Dr. Hema Pant- RSD
9.      Dr. Amit Srivastava- RSD
3.    One member from the Management
Prof. S. S Sarkar
Vice Chancellor, NSOU
Member of BOM, IGNOU
4.    Few Senior administrative officers
Registrar Admin.
Registrar SRD
Registrar SED
Director ACD
Director P&DD
5.    One nominee each from local society, Students and Alumni
1.      Bhavna Saroha, PhD Hindi, IGNOU Student
2.      Dr. Parikhit Minhas, Jammu University, IGNOU Alumnus
6. One nominee each from Employers/Industrialists/Stakeholders
1.      Pratibha Seth, Vice President, Oberoi Group
2.      Dr. S. P. Agrawala, Principal
         Ramanujam College, Delhi University
7.    One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the         CIQA
Prof Manjulika Srivastava
Director CIQA- Member Secretary