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Updated on 10 Jan, 2024

The Electronic Media Production Centre (EMPC) of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is the hub of electronic and broadcast media. EMPC had its humble beginnings as “Communication Division” in 1986 with its key responsibility to produce Curriculum-based Audio and Video programmes to supplement the SLMs (Self Learning Materials) of various academic programmes and courses of IGNOU. Over a period of time, EMPC has diversified its activities manifold, from production of audio and video programmes to interactive transmissions through Radio, Television and Web based Interactive Radio Counseling, Teleconferencing and Gyandhara. EMPC has been serving as the nodal center for managing Gyan Darshan channels and Gyan Vani Stations for MHRD with the contribution of software from various Educational and Training Institutions.

Beside its core expertise in the production of curriculum based audio and video programmes, EMPC is also engaged in research & training. The Centre organizes workshops for IGNOU teachers and academic staff in various areas of educational programme production. EMPC has been extending orientation and training to the students and staff of other educational institutions as well.

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[Updated on 18-Jul-2024]