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Acts & Statutes
Updated on 20 May, 2010

In exercise of the powers vested in it, under the provisions of section 25(2) of the IGNOU Act, 1985 (No. 50 of 1985), the Board of Management of the University, at its 90th meeting held on 22.5.2007 had made amendments/additions to Clause (1)(21) of Statute 10A of the IGNOU Act concerning the Schools of Studies. This has the approval of the President of India in her capacity as Visitor, as conveyed under the Ministry of Human Resource Development letter No.F 5-45/2007 DL 28.9.2007.

Statute 10A - The Schools of Studies

After addition, the amended Clause (1)(21) under the Statute 10A reads as under:

21. School of Performing and Visual Arts; and
22. Such other Schools as may be set-up by Statues.

(K. Laxman)