26 July, 2016
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         Academic programmes on offer 2016-2017      
Updated on 16 Apr, 2013

School of Education (SOE) is one of the first schools to be established in IGNOU. The functions of the SOE, within the broad framework of the objectives of IGNOU, are to carry out academic activities addressing education as a field of knowledge and an area of practice.

 SOE undertakes academic activities pertaining to two major areas:

  • The various aspects of the practice of education as a profession, and
  • The various branches of education as academic disciplines.

SOE is mandated to offer academic programmes in education as an area of knowledge and a field of professional practice. Four disciplines namely, Education, Distance Education, Educational Technology and Adult Education have been assigned to the School. The School has been undertaking three types of activities- development of academic programmes, research and documentation activities and extension activities.

The School prepares scholars to be engaged in educational discourses and knowledge generation. It also provides avenues for the professional development of teachers and educational managers functioning at different levels of education. It functions as a centre for documentation of education materials in the form of print and non-print media for teachers, teacher educators and other educational functionaries and is engaged in the promotion of technology-enabled learning.

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