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Updated on 30 Jun, 2011

Diploma in Chinese Language and Culture (DCLC)

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 13,650
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


18 years and above minimum with 12th standard proficiency in English language18 years and above minimum with 12th standard proficiency in English language .

Medium of Teaching: English, Hindi and Chinese

Learning Outcomes (LO) upon completion of this course, students will be able to participate in simple conversations in Chinese on topics relating to self, family and study; recognise and produce the tones of Modern Standard Chinese accurately using the pinyin system of Romanisation; explain the principles of the Chinese character writing system; recognise and write approximately 1000 basic Chinese characters; recognise a further 2000 Chinese words and phrases. Besides this, the programme also intends to train learners about the basic culture of China by introducing China’s political system, economy and general knowledge of the country.

This Programme also intends to expose students to the Chinese Business world by introducing a Programme on how to do business with China. After fag end of the Programme, students also will be connected to all business houses which are doing business with China so that there is a possibility for them to be absorbed subsequently in those corporate sectors. Students who will be doing very good in their term-end examination, IGNOU will consider some of them to send to Chinese Universities for further sharpening their knowledge amidst Chinese citizen in China. The terms and conditions for going to China, such as, total expenditure involved, period of stay and courses to be enrolled etc. will be decided on the basis of final results.

This is the first time in India when teaching of Chinese Language and Culture will be imparted through online demonstration via IGNOU satellite. This programmes are specially meant for those Business Schools in Delhi and outside Delhi which would like to introduce this programme to their B School students. Under this scheme, study materials, teaching and holding examinations all will be held through online mode.

The duration of this course is for one year consisting of two semesters. This course will be introduced to those who have completed the Certificate course from a reputed institute. Emphasis will be given to China’s various geographical advantages and disadvantages along with the differences of culture between India and China. Here culture does not only encompass societal culture per se but how it influences business culture of Chinese business executives in the corporate houses while doing business with India. Chinese Department has got very experienced teachers to impart the above knowledge. Besides IGNOU has also employed Chinese National to teach Chinese Language.

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