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Updated on 28 Aug, 2019

Dr. Usha Chandar

Research Officer (Sr Scale)

Overall 33 years of experience in communication research and development communication.
Research studies for AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), State Resource Centre, JMI, Bharatiya Gyan Vigyan Jatha (BGVS) for UNICEF, NACO (WHO), UNFPA, UNESCO, etc.
Joined IGNOU in 1991 and conducted feedback research pertaining to Education and Communication especially use of information communication technologies (ICT).
At IGNOU was posted at Centre for Extension Education(CEE) and Electronic Media Production Centre (EMPC) prior to SOJNMS.
Types of research studies undertaken: content analysis, process documentation, action research, feed forward and feedback studies, hardware / software technology testing etc. with focus on the potential application of existing and emerging technologies.
Doctor of Philosophy (subject) year: EDUCATION; 2011
Name of the University.: VMOU, Kota
Discipline: Education
Doctoral Research Topic: "SITE to EDUSAT: Study of Application of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in Higher Education & Training in India"
Academic Achievement: if any
Master of Philosophy (subject) year
Name of the university
Dissertation Topic:
Academic Achievement: if any
Master of Arts (Subject) year
Name of the university; IGNOU;
Delhi University
Discipline: Distance Education;
Zoology (Fisheries)
Academic Achievement:  I Div [73%]/
UGC Merit Scholarship in MSc.
Bachelor of Arts (Subject) year
CBZ; 1980            
Name of the university; Bangalore University
Academic Achievement: I Div.


UNESCO-CEMCA (Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia) Project (2008): Evaluation of the I phase of a series of workshops for ODL academics in South Asia on the use of “authoring tools” software [Metamorphosis] in India (YCMOU), Sri Lanka (SOU) and Bangladesh (BOU). Feasibility study of new ICT tools for adoption to enhance quality material production for the ODL system by the academics besides saving on cost and time. A major bottleneck being faced by ODL academics is the heavy dependence on various category of creative personnel ranging from cameraman to graphic artists who are limited in number. The new ‘tools’ are meant to liberate the teachers from other constraints of having limited revisions of a lesson as well as fixed internal assessment within the lesson. [ involved as a Consultant]


IGNOU / UNESCO Project (2001-02): Research Coordinator cum Investigator – Feasibility Study of using Satellite Digital Broadcasting Technology (WorldSpace Radio) for Distance Education  a quick multi site experimental study on 5 different target learner groups  This was a multi site experimental study to study the feasibility of using the satellite radio technology capable of audio and data transfer for education and training. Over 100 hours of educational programming in English, Hindi & Kannada languages and covering subjects pertaining to B.Ed, B.A, Engineering, High School etc. were designed and developed in multi media format. This was scheduled for broadcast via. Worldspace radio and the CDs were sent to Melbourne, Australia for transmission. The testing was conducted on five different target learner groups at KOU, Kota, Rajasthan , IGNOU, Delhi, IIIT, Allahabad, and at two locations – Satyam Infoway & a Blind school at Bangalore. 
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Official Address:
Maidan Garhi,
 New Delhi - 110068
New Delhi, India
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