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Credit transfer
Updated on 03 Mar, 2024

Credit transfer means allowing a student of another university to get admitted to IGNOU for completing any equivalent degree/diploma programme on the basis of credits obtained by him/her from that University. A student thus admitted need not write IGNOU examinations for such courses which are found equivalent to and for which appropriate credits would be deemed to have been acquired for, and forpurposes of fulfilling the IGNOU requirements for award of a degree/diploma. Students who want to avail of credit transfer shall get registered with IGNOU for the programmes they want to study. All the applications for this purpose should be addressed to The Registrar, Student Registration Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068. There will be NO credit transfer available for the CBCS based programmes w.e.f. July 2019 session.

Internal Credit transfer scheme

Notification rearding Implementation of Credit Transfer Policy to CBCS based Bachelor Degree programmes on completion of one programme cycle.(28.2.2022)

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[Updated on 05-Jun-2024]