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Swayam and Swayam Prabha
Updated on 07 Dec, 2022

The following are the Swayam Courses from STRIDE:
             1.    Design and Facilitation of E-Learning Courses (Coordinator: Dr. G. Mythili)
             2.    MDE 518:  Educational Communicational Technologies (Coordinator: Dr. G. Mythili)
            3.    MDE 412:    Instructional Design, (Coordinator: Dr. Anita Priyadarshini)
Swayam Prabha (Channel 20)
 Swayam Prabha Channel 20 (Coordinators: Dr. G. Mythili & Dr. Gaurav Singh)
 STRIDE videos for SWAYAM PRABHA channel 20 may be accessed at the link below.


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[Updated on 28-Nov-2022]