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Updated on 13 Jul, 2022

Diploma in Watershed Management (DWM)

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 3 Years
Course Fee: Rs. 10,600
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


  • 10+2 Senior Secondary Pass Outs 

Programme overview
Unprecedented population pressure and increase in demand of scarce land, water and biological resources and increasing degradation of these resources are adversely affecting the stability and resilience of our ecosystems and the environment leading to wastelands. Wasteland development is of great significance to realize the full potential of the available land resource and avert its further degradation. Watershed development holds the key to confront these problems. The government is implementing watershed development programmes through the Programme Implementation Agencies (PIAs) which are not fully equipped with the technically trained personnels in different aspects of watershed development/ management. There is an urgent need of qualified persons, well versed in various aspects of watershed management including project processing, review, monitoring and evaluation. This will lead to qualitative transformation of important activities in watershed projects.
The Diploma Programme in Watershed Management aims at developing competent human resource in the field of Watershed Development/Management. It intends to impart basic knowledge and skills for water harvesting, conservation and utilization, soil erosion and its management, integrated farming systems including crop husbandry, animal husbandry, agro-forestry, fish farming,  funding, monitoring, evaluation and capacity building of watershed programmes besides extension and communication skills for long term socio-economic development of the society. It will provide the basic understanding of various activities undertaken during the development of watershed programmes. The programme also intends to address the workforce requirement of the watershed management and focus on upgrading the knowledge and skills of existing personnel in the watershed development.
This programme is developed in collaboration with the Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India.
The basic objective of the diploma programme is capacity building and developing human resource in different aspects of watershed management for overall socio-economic development of rainfed regions faced with low agricultural productivity and economic deprivation. However, the specific objectives of the programme are as under: 
  •  Introduce the principles of the watershed management approach and  the value of working at a watershed;
  •  Generate awareness about the importance of sustainable development and maintenance of natural resources;
  •  Delineate different techniques for accessing and predicting physical, chemical and socio-economic conditions within a watershed including water quality;
  •  Mobilization and capacity building of rural youth, women and landless;
  •  Develop skills for development of small scale irrigation and water supply structures for human being and livestock through water and soil conservation strategies;     and
  •  Develop human resource in watershed development and management.
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