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Updated on 01 Dec, 2022

Prof. Sanjiv Kumar


Prof. Sanjiv Kumar, a Physical Chemist by training, obtained his PhD from the University of Delhi in the area of Biophysical Chemistry. In addition to PhD in Chemistry he holds a Masters Degree in Distance Education from IGNOU. He has taught Chemistry at Undergraduate level in University of Delhi for about two decades before joining IGNOU in year 2008. At IGNOU, he has been engaged in the Design, Development and Maintenance of Distance teaching-learning materials.

He is an ardent advocate of the use of Information and Communication Technology in the transaction of teaching / learning, more so for teaching at a distance. He has coordinated and contributed significantly towards the development of e-Content for Undergraduate Chemistry Courses as per the UGC’s model Curriculum under the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) of MHRD. He has was one of the firsts to offer a MOOC course titled, “Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding” on SWAYAM-- an indigenous IT platform. He has also been associated extensively with in-service training of teachers at PGT level, development of textual materials and teaching aids etc., for Secondary and Senior Secondary level learners.

His interest areas are Biophysical chemistry, Material Science, Quantum Chemistry, and Molecular Spectroscopy


Official Address:
Room No. 123 Block D,
School of sciences,
Maidan GarhiNew Delhi - 110068
New Delhi, India
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