31 July, 2016
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         Academic programmes on offer 2016-2017      
Updated on 02 May, 2013

IGNOU having achieved its primary objective of taking education to even the remotest parts of the Country, now looks forward to building a sustainable society. Vocational Education plays a key role in the upliftment of the bulk of our rural and semi-urban population by providing them with newer and promising employment opportunities.

These new avenues of income generation, provided through vocational education, help in skills development of an individual as well as aids in uplifting the living standard of the entire family. Thus, making its contribution in the development of a literate and Self-sufficient Society.

The School of Vocational Education and Training (SOVET), in tune with these objectives, has started several new programmes which have been made keeping in mind the market requirements. The programmess on offer provide knowledge enhancement, skills development and help in preparing an individual for job placements in the market.

List of programmes

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