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Venue:- Le Meridien Kochi, India
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Conference Visa for India

Information about Visas for coming to India

The Conference has the required clearance from the following Ministries of the Government of India:
1.     Ministry of Home Affairs
2.     Ministry of External Affairs
3.     Ministry of Human Resource Development 
You need to apply for a visa so that you can enter the India to come to the Forum. We have also intimated the respective Indian Consulates/ Embassies / High Commissions in this regard to facilitate the visa proceedings. The invitations for the PCF6 have been dispatched by e-mail. Once you receive the invite letter you are requested to go to the Indian Consulate/ Embassy/High Commission in your country and seek a Conference Visa for coming to India.
We recommend that you start your application as soon as possible as the process can take some time due to heightened security precautions. It is very likely that you will be asked to provide a letter from the conference organisers as proof that you are attending the event. Please provide us with the following information so that we can send a letter of invitation to you:

  • Your full name, address, email address
  • Your complete passport details
  • Confirmation of funding (if known)
  • Dates of travel (if known)
  • Address in Kochi where you plan to stay (if known)

Please send this information to the organisers at:
You can also contact us if you have any further questions about visas and travelling to the India that we have not answered. Contact the organisers on Telephone: 0091 11 29-572-620


Ministry of External Affairs

Ministry of Home affairs

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Ministry of Human Resource Development

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