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Venue:- Le Meridien Kochi, India
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Prof. Dr. Md. Tofazzal Islam Increasing Access to Cost-effective, Equitable and Flexible Higher Education through Open and Distance Learning in Bangladesh Bangladesh Click
Rama Mathew

Deconstructing the Politics of Access: The Case of the University Student

India Click

Dr. K. Murugan

Open and Distance Learning (ODL):
Quest for Social Justice beyond Access

India Click

Sustainable development , inclusive growth and world peace

India Click

Dr.Nayantara Padhi


Democratising higher education: the ignou initiatives

India Click

Dr. Malati Mathur

Empowerment through literature: potential & prospects of odl

India Click
Shubhangi vaidya

Creating inclusive learning environments for persons with autism spectrum disorder

India Click
Dr.C.S.H.N.Murthy Media support for farming and alternate livelihoods: A Comparative Study of ETV vs other TV channels in the State of Andhra Pradesh India Click
Dr  Neeti Agrawal

Teaching methodology for professional programmes  in ODL: An exploratory study of the Management Programme of IGNOU

India Click

Prof. Dr. Kuldip Kaur

Correlates of Academic Achievement for Master of Education Students at Open University Malaysia

Malaysia Click

Dr. Sadia Afroze Sultana

Reaching the unreached through ODL
 – How it contributes to female empowerment in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Click
Md. Mizanoor Rahman

Feedback on Self-Leaning Materials (SLMs) of the Junior School Certificate (JSC) Program of the Open School of Bangladesh Open University: Select Case Studies

Bangladesh Click
Zobaida Akhter

Unlocking the potentials: conceptual framework for the education of the indigenous people through open and distance learning

Bangladesh Click
F. L. O. Amey

The Botswana Experience in Developing the OERs

Botswana Click
Blythe McKay ELearning Course Supports African Broadcasters to Develop Radio Scripts on Smallholder Farmer Innovation   Click
Dr. Son T. Vuong Mobile Learning for Farmers via LIVES – Learning through Interactive Voice Educational System Colombia Click
Dr. E. P. Gil-Rodríguez

Disabilities & ICTs for learning: developing an accessible learning environment from a User Centred Design perspective

Helen Lentell

Going the distance: Making Distance Learning (DL) Work UK Click
Dr. Yasmin Can Open and Distance Education bring Social Justice to the Weaker Sections of the Society: A Case Study on Directorate of Distance Education India Click
Dr. Thomas Amirtham

Lifelong Learning for Livelihood Promotion: A Rural Experiment in the Madurai District of Tamil Nadu

India Click
Dr. Abdul Gani

Mapping Open Educational Resources for Access and Equity in Higher Education in India

India Click

Dinesh Singh Bist

HUNAR: A Community Based Skill Development Project for Muslim Girls

India Click
Mr. Tata Ramakrishna

Inclusive curriculum development: opportunities and challenges in open & distance education

India Click

Dr. Kapil Dev

Knowledge and Skill Acquisition from a Distance:
Meeting the Changing Demands of Disadvantaged

India Click
A.J. Thomas

Open Learning Communities for Development: Revisiting the Gender Dimensions

India Click

Prof. Parameswara Rao Kondapalli

Role of open and distance education institutions in scaling up quality education for all

India Click
Dr. V.Venkaiah

 Role of Open Distance Learning in Social Empowerment– A Case Study of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University

India Click

Dr Ravi K Mahajan

Scaling-up Quality in the Quantitative Papers Subscribed Through Distance Mode

India Click
Dr Anita Priyadarshini

Using Technology for Strengthening Open Schooling A Study of the Ni-On Project of NIOS

India Click
Dr. Parthasarathy

A Tracer Study of Disabled Distance Learners of IGNOU and their Employability

India Click

Dr. Vandana Singh

Access to Equality in Education for Children with Disability through Inclusive Education India Click
Mr. M.P.Mishra

ICT as a Tool for Teaching and Learning in Respect of Learner with Disability

India Click
Dr. Rekha Sharma Sen Beliefs Regarding Approaches to Study and Learning Styles: The Primacy of Gender as the Mediating Variable India Click
Dr. Neeti Misra

EasyNow Techniques: Empowering teachers to create contents using information and communication technologies

India Click
Dr. Zohreh khoshneshin

Media, Educational Technology and

Online learning in Iran Virtual Universities
M. Wijeratne

Implications of Interventions: Sri Lankan Experience on Lifelong Learning for Farmers

Sri Lanka Click
Marethabile Matilda Khanyane

The accessibility of ODL to the disadvantaged- teenage employees

Lesotho Click
Mrs Bonang Makamane

Assessment in Open and Distance Learning Institutions: Issues and Challenges

Lesotho Click

Dr Matselane Belina Khaahloe

Use of alternative assessments in institutions of higher education in lesotho

Lesotho Click
Nowbuth, M. D

The importance of community service learning in engineering

Mauritius Click
Professor Dr. Zoraini Wati Abas

Engaging ODL Learners through Mobile Learning at Open University Malaysia

Malaysia Click
Ali Fawaz Shareef SMS Integration with Online Learning Maldives Click
Mr Wynand Diergaardt

A Multimedia content development strategy: the NAMCOL Video Production Experience

Ifeyinwa Ogbonna

Open and Distance Learning and Feminism: Discourses of Access to Justice, Liberty and Livelihood

Nigeria Click
Dr. Dorothy Ofoha

Equalizing Educational Opportunity in Nigeria
Through Open and Distance Learning

Nigeria Click
Terhemba Nom Ambe

Open and Distance Education: A Contribution to Poverty Alleviation and Empowerment of Women?

Nigeria Click
Dr. Olubiyi Adeniyi Adewale

Perception of Learners on Electronic Examination in Open and Distance Learning Institutions: A Case Study of National Open University of Nigeria

Nigeria Click
Roberto Soto

Web Centers For  Rural PNG: For Socioeconomic And Rural Development

Shakil Ahmad Ghazi

Assessing the Needs of Literacy personnel in Non Formal Basic Education

Pakistan Click
Muhammad Safdar Role of Allama Iqbal Open University in Promoting Access and Demoting Gender Disparity in Higher Education in Pakistan Pakistan Click
C.J.H Fowler

An Investigation of the academic performance of distant and conventional students studying Commerce at the University of Swaziland Swaziland Click
Mrs. Shokahle R. Dlamini

Should They Be Excluded? Adult Education and Adult Persons with Disability in Swaziland

Swaziland Click

Richard Kajumbula Enabling Success of Students with Disabilities on Teacher-training Distance Education programs in Uganda; A comparison of Two Dual Mode Universities Uganda Click
Mrs Martha Macwani Sitali

Our family radio program: a tool to enhance open and distance learning for the vulnerable children

Zambia Click
Prof. Elumalai

Human right vis-à-vis right to education in Indian context: Problem and issues

India Click
Dr. Rory McGreal

Mobile devices and the future of free education 2010

Canada Click

Dr. Ramprasad V. Pole

Qualitative and Interactive e Learning through “VSAT”

India Click
Dr. John P. Anchan

Emerging Technologies, Established Communities, & Evolving Universities

Mr. Steve Carlise Warner

Using Social Networks to Assist Learners in Open Schooling in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago
Mr. Tan Luck, Lee
Supporting Community Learning with Digital Technologies and Knowledge for Societal Development

Prof. Dr. Md. Tofazzal Islam

Increasing Access to Cost-effective, Equitable and Flexible Higher Education through Open and Distance Learning in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Click
Dr. Susan Crichton

ColorBoard – A Product and Process to Enable Quality Education for All

Eastern Africa
Mr. Anne Gaskell

Can we really learn from mobile handheld devices?

Dr. K S Divakaran Nair

Role of Community Colleges in Transforming India into a Knowledge Society

Mr. Prasenjit Das

Open Education Resources and Community Development:


Professor Uma Coomaraswamy

Performance Indicators for self-evaluation and quality enhancement

Sri Lanka Click
Hisham Dzakiria Interaction Issues in Malaysia Open Distance Learning (ODL) Malaysia Click
Dr. Delvaline Möwes

A Management Model in Open and Distance Learning at the Polytechnic of Namibia to Ensure Competitive Advantage and Optimum Benefits

Namibia Click
Cathryn Elizabeth Wood Engaging Communities with farmradio in malawi Malawi Click
Dr. Maria Patricia Protz
Getting Ready: Using Participatory Communication and Learning to Improve Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation in the Caribbean
Jamaica Click
Professor Dr. Abtar Kaur

Pure Online Learning: Pedagogical, Technological & Human Designs for Greater Access & Success

Malaysia Click
Alistair Inglis

Assessing the need for a quality framework designed specifically for managing the provision of online distance education in developing countries

Australia Click
Professor Belinda Tynan

A community for learning and teaching, research and Innovation in Distance Education

Dr. Sharker Md. Numan

A comparative study between the learners of computer  science and health science of Bangladesh open university

Bangladesh Click
Sabina Yeamin

Study on Learners' Preparedness for Digital Learning Materials (DLMs) as Supplement of Self-Learning Materials (SLMs) of the Open School of the Bangladesh Open University

Bangladesh Click
L Goitsemang The use of information technologies to expedite information flow between Open and Distance Learning (ODL) learners and their educational providers Botswana Click
Wendy Isabel Drummond Cran

Creating a Learning Environment using a De-institutionalized Approach to Learning

Canada Click
Brown Onguko Design, Implementation and Institutionalization of Mobile Learning in Higher Education Canada Click
EBENEZER KOOMSON The use of potential social structures and entities for HIV prevention education: The role of Queen mothers in Ghana Ghana Click
Mr. Albert Amoah Saah Community Based Learning And Outreach For Development: Factors Influencing The Urbanite Woman Learner Participation In Mass Literacy Programme Ghana Click

Dinesh K. Gupta

Open and Distance Learning in Library and Information Sc.: From Marginalization to Mainstream

India Click
Dr. M. V. Lakshmi Reddy

Revamping Indian Education System: Setting a Democratic,  Accessible and Equitable Model for Developing Countries India Click
Surojit Mahalanobis

Train the Stringer in Rural and Semi-Urban Nativity to Ensure Total Communication for Community Development

India Click
Jyoti Bawane Promoting Learner Autonomy with Scenario-Based Learning: Experiences from an Innovative Teacher Education Programme in India India Click

Prof. Esampally Chandraiah

Exploring the Introduction of Certificate Program in Microfinance through ODL: A Study

India Click
Dr. Bharti Dogra

Online Discussion Group for Pre service Teachers: An ODL Tool for Life Skills Based Education

India Click
B.Panduranga Narasimharao

Defining   and   Deriving    Success in   Open University Some New approaches

India Click

Manjushree Reddy

Linking corporate to community technology centers

India Click

Mrs. Hellen Ayata


Kenya Click
Sandhya Gunness

Social Networking Course- A Self-regulating and sustainable context for creating Open Educational Resources at the University of Mauritius Mauritius Click

Andrew Chimpololo The role of Open and Distance Learning in community development in Malawi Malawi Click
Professor Dr Mansor Fadzil

Enhancing Teaching and Learning: Development of a New e-Learning Model at Open University Malaysia

Malaysia Click

Mr. Ulrich Innozenz Hummel

Barriers to Learning: The Difference Distance Learning can make in Namibia

Namibia Click
Dr. Njoku Ndubueze

Winning ‘the Niger Delta Battle’ Through Sustainable Community-Based Leaning and Outreach: The Challenge of Community Development in Nigeria ’s Oil-Rich Region Nigeria Click
Nowshad Khan

Assisting Severely Disadvantaged Agricultural Areas in Pakistan: The Potential for Improving the Interaction and Effectiveness of Development Partners Research, Extension and Village Religious Leaders

Dr. Kim Mallalieu Mobile Opportunities: Exploring Innovative pathways for Marginalized Communities Trinidad and Tobago Click
Dr. Shiv K. Tripathi

Integrating Community Partnership Perspective in University Functions:
A Strategic Approach to Strengthen University-Community Linkage

Tanzania Click
Mary Holz


USA Click

Gipson Varghese

Skill Development for a Competitive Economy in India: Anticipating and Matching Labour Market and Skills Needs

Rod Tyrer

Open and Distance Learning Accreditation Agencies- Doing What it Says on the Tin

UK Click
Ms. Kipli Joan Minol

The Role of Open and Distance Learning in Skills Development: A Papua New Guinean Case Study

Papua New Guinea Click

Mr. Amitava Basu

Ekalavyaism – Harness neglected skills to build talented resource pool

India Click

Computer Based Skill Development Programmes Through Online to the Remotest Corners of the Country, Empowering the Rural Poor:  An IGNOU - SAHAJ’s Initiative

India Click
Dr. Nafisatu D. Muhammad

Reaching the Hard -to- Reach Nomads through Open and Distance Learning: A Case Study of Nomadic Education Programme in Nigeria

Nigeria Click

Dr. Leon Higgs

The Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC) – Capacity Building in ODL and ICT


Mr. Darren John Ellis

Entrepreneurial Skill Development: Harnessing Experience While Building Formal Knowledge and Qualifications in Business

Australia Click
Gwendolyn E. Medford

The relationship between teacher certification and instructional practice in a tertiary institution in Barbados

Barbados Click
Abu Nasar Md. Aminoor Rahman Skills for Development: Present Status of Vocational Programmes in Livestock and Fisheries at Bangladesh Open University (BOU Bangladesh Click
Joanna Rocke-Collymore

Life Long Learning and Skills Development: An Investment in Botswana Human Capital for the Development of the
Emerging Knowledge Economy



Dr.Gangappa Kuruba


Botswana Click
Prof Asha Kanwar

‘If content is king, why are OER still uncrowned? a developing world perspective’

Canada Click

Anare Tuitoga

Upskilling Pacific Police Officers



Dr Salanieta Bakalevu

Continuing education & tvet: an alternative system at the university of the south pacific


Neelam Narayan

Toward Leveraging Open Source Technologies: Training teachers in the use of Moodle (LMS) at the University of the South Pacific

Suva Click
Sue Walker Resolving technical infrastructure disparities in wide-area, cross-border geographical zones to deliver effective training modules   Click
Dr. M.C. Nair

Employable Skill Development through ODL – An Industry- Academia     Collaborative Model from IGNOU

India Click
Dr. P. Santhy

Empowerment of Agricultural Skills through distance education at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

India Click
Ms. Veena Rao Entrepreneurship Training in the Apparel and Fashion Design Sector through Distance Mode India Click
Prof. Debjani Roy

Imparting skill development training to the  Lakadong turmeric farmers of the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya

India Click

Dr. Asha Khare

Non-Formal Vocational Training and National Development India Click
Dr. Anand Prakash Verma

Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Development Issues and Pointers for Future Development of TVET in India in Formal as well as Distance Education Mode

India Click
Dr. Lalita S Kumar

Embedded Workplace Training for a skill development programme: Critical Factors for Effective Implementation

India Click
Prof M.K. Salooja

ODL Interventions for Skill Development in Agriculture

India Click
Siran Mukerji

Using Technological Interface in Vocational Education for Women in India

India Click
Professor Dayalatha Lekamge

Mentoring: a Powerful Tool for Professional Development of Student Teachers

Sri Lanka Click

Lineo Clementina Kolosoa

Life Skills for National Development in Lesotho: Can ODL Do it?

Lesotho Click
Dr. Kaylash Allgoo

The Transnational Qualifications Framework (TQF) of the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth

Mauritius Click

Isswar Jheengut

Importance of Interactivity in Open Distance Learning Continuous Professional Development Courses

Mauritius Click
Professor Richard Siaciwena

Capacity Building in Open and Distance Learning in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region

Nidhi Tandon

Knowing and Growing Network of Organic Women Farmers in the Caribbean Digital media for learning, networking and farm management

Paul U.E. Blackman

Making ODL viable: A model of shared services in the Caribbean

Mrs  Judith Wanene Kamau  

In-service Teachers’  Perceptions about the  Impact of  the Computer Literacy Skills Course in  Primary Schools in Botswana

Botswana Click

Reynolds Okai Skill Development and Training On the Use of Logging Residues and Discarded Oil Palm Trunk as Raw Material for the Downstream Wood Processing Sector Ghana Click

Professor Neera Kapoor

Role of Science Education in Human Resource Development:A case study of IGNOU

India Click

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Misra

ODL Technologies for Lifelong Learning in India: Possibilities and Strategies 

India Click
Narendra D. Deshmukh

Development of Open Educational Resources
Opportunities and Challenges

India Click
Dr. Bal Krishna Rai

Role of Open and Distance Learning System    in Reducing the Stress Among the Learners

India Click
Dr. E.L. Suranimala

Using Portfolios for Guidance and Assessment purposes

Sri Lanka  Click
Dr.(Mrs) T.Srini Visaka De Zoysa A Survey Conducted Focusing the Educational Development of a War Affected Zone in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Click
Mrs Y. Baguant-Moonshiram

Creating awareness about Urban Planning to the community

Mauritius Click

Terhemba Nom Ambe-Uva

Building Chinese Language Skills for Sino-African Cooperation through Open and Distance Learning Nigeria Click

Abdul-Rahoof Adebayo Bello

Perspectives on Democracy in E-Learning: A Case Study of National Open University of Nigeria

Nigeria Click
Muhammad Abdul Malik

Role of Non-Formal Basic Education in Rural Development in Punjab

Pakistan Click

Prof Dele Braimoh


South Africa Click
Ms Sian Lewis

E-Learning Learnings from Vocational Education in Victoria, Australia

Australia Click
Anil Ramnanan

Deploying a Successful Learning Content and Student Management System using Open Source Technologies

West Indies Click
Dr. Veena Deshmukh

The role of e-learning in science education vis-avis Teacher Training Institutes in Middle east

India Click
Mr.P.Venkata Suresh Requirements Analysis to offer Courses through Mobile Devices India Click
Georgina L. Frohlich

Pushing through the boundaries- A tale of implementing e-learning in a developing country

Namibia Click

Odeyemi Olajumoke Janet



Olufemi Peters

Competency Development for assuring Quality in Open and Distance Learning in Nigeria

 Nigeria Click

Mostafa Azad Kamal

Choosing Technologies for ODL in a Developing Country: Efficiency and Efficacy issues

Bangladesh Click
Anne Moran

Partnership Initial Teacher Education: building capacity and quality

Freda Wolfenden

Using OERs to improve teacher quality: emerging findings from TESSA

UK Click
Mr. Deepak Prasad

The final countdown 3, 2, 1 … zero: Launching towards a university wide implementation of an ePortfolio system

Suva Click
Adrian Kirkwood Demonstrating the Quality of Learner’s Experience and Engagement: Issues in Constructing Effective Evaluation Approaches on the English in Action Project, Bangladesh Bangladesh Click
Rebecca Essel

Technologies for Scaling up Open and Distance Learning Programme in the Institute of Distance Learning, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

India Click
Dr. Veena Deshmukh

A Critical Systemic Analysis of an On-line Teacher Education Program of I-CONSENT, India – An Experiment of e-Learning in Teacher Education India Click

Dr.P.Vijayalakshmi Pandit

Development of Teachers through Tech-MODE to Meet the Goal of Universal Primary Education– Proposed NTERCs Model for India

India Click
Lesan Azadi

I-CONSENT’s Innovative Teacher Education Programme: In Pursuit of Equality, Quality and Quantity

India Click
Dr. Geeta Sadananda Shetty

Problem Based Learning for Quality Teacher Education

India Click

Dr. Sutapa Bose

Redefining Instructional Strategy in Teacher Education in the Perspective of Knowledge Society

India Click
Mrs C.girija Navaneedhan Reflective teaching pedagogy as innovative approach in  teacher education through open and distance learning India Click

Prof. (dr.) R.M. Kalra

Education for all – Challenge for teacher Education

Dr. Ashwini Kumar

Teacher Education through the B.Ed Programme of IGNOU– Access through the Chennai Regional Centre

India Click

Teacher professional development in india

India Click
Dr.Kalpana Santosh Gupte

Teacher Training through ODL in Maharashtra : The IGNOU Experience Challenges and Achievements

India Click
Dr. Kamalika Banerjee

Utilising the Virtual Laboratory Resources for incorporating ICT in the Chemistry Teacher Education

India Click

Pranita Gopal

A study to Empower Pre-service Teachers with Skill Sets to Develop Technology Enhanced ODL Material

India Click

Prof. Esampally Chandraiah

Exploring the Introduction of Certificate Program in Microfinance through ODL: A Study

India Click

Abhilash Nayak

Education at Your Doorstep: Does the Doors Open for All?

India Click
K. S. Rangappa

Developing Stratagies for successful Science and Technology programmes in Open Universities of Developing countries

India Click
Mr. Kiran Kumar Kothamasu

Odl Programmes Through M-learning Technology

India Click
Prof. Ramachandraiah Gorrepati

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University Growth and Organizational Structure

India Click
Dr. (Mrs.) Kshema Prakash

Web 2.0 Applications in Reaching Out to Asian Distance Learners

India Click
Ramani U.Tantrigoda

Usage of Supplementary Online Courses: To What Extent Are We Successful? A case study with An Undergraduate Chemistry course

Sri Lanka Click
Lineo Clementina Kolosoa

Contextual Background to supporting Learning in the Digital Age: A comparative Study of Botswana and Lesotho

Angelina Khoro

Intensifying Quality Education For All Through ODL In Lesotho Primary Schools

Leena Devi Boodhoo

Linking Children to Non Formal Education Mauritius Click
Tan Luck, Lee

Collaborative Regional Public Technology Enhanced Learning Management System (TELMS) in Promoting School Teachers’ Lifelong Learning through School ICT Laboratories: Upgrading Knowledge and Human Capital in Malaysia

Malaysia Click
Ms. Leena Kangandji

Distance Education not a “Prison Sentence”- A Case Study of Student Support for Prisoners at the Windhoek Central Prison

Namibia Click

Mrs Amina Idris


Theodore Osagie Iyere

Teaching  Spoken English in the ODL System in Nigeria; Challenges and Strategies for Improvement

Nigeria Click
Henry Paul

Using Web 2 Technologies to Enhance 21st Century Distance Education

Trinidad & Tobago Click
Guntuku Dileepkumar


USA Click
Dr Emma Kruse Vaai

Virtual University of the Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC) model for development: Open Educational Resources   Click
Yvonne Reed

Designing quality materials for teacher education

Africa Click
Tony John Mays

Developing Practice: Teaching Teachers Today for Tomorrow

Australia Click
Gladys Sakala IPods Improve Education in Rural Zambia  Zambia Click
Dr. Sharayi Chakanyuka

Head teacher’s expectations of a quality teacher produced through distance education

Zambia Click
Pankaj Khanna

A Comprehensive Web Based Student Support System for ODL Institutions of India

India Click
Anurag Saxena

Pedagogical Designs for Generation of Contents for the Community

India Click
Purnendu Tripathi

Cost Effective Technological Intervention for Blending the Conventional and Distance Learning

India Click
Ave Mann-Cross


Trinidad and Tobago Click
Md. Shafiul Alam

Dynamics in Management of Open Schooling: a case of Open School of Bangladesh Open University

Bangladesh Click
Mr. Md. Anwarul Islam

Learners’ Demographic Profiles and Attitude towards the Learners of Open School at Bangladesh Open University, A Study Bangladesh Click
Mrs. Angela Chung Fun Kwan

Success in eLearning: What is the recipe?

M G Takwale


India Click

Kalyan Chattopadhyay

Future directions for digital literacy development of Indian educators

India Click
Dr. A. Murali M Rao

ICT in Open Distance Learning: Issues and Challenges

India Click
Dr Carina Bossu

Analysing the development of institutional policies for sustainability and quality of OERs with a focus on the Australian context

Australia Click
Mr. Joel Kavetuna An exploratory study on factors contributing to drop- out of learners at Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL)   Click
King Obinna Odor



M Mahruf C Shohel Introducing mobile technology for enhancing teaching and learning to the English language classroom in Bangladesh Bangladesh Click
Lora C. Woodall

Transitioning to online education in the Caribbean: The Open Campus, University of the West Indies

Bhaskar Sarmah

Learner Support Services in Open and Distance Learning : Issues and Evidences from the State of Assam

Sindhu P Nair

Relationship Management in ODL Systems: An approach towards facilitating access and success in learning

India Click

Dr. P. Rajalingam

Access and success of distance learners through ICTs at School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education (SDLCE), Kakatiya University

India Click
Dr. B. Phalachandra Blended Learning Approach to Training School Counselors: A Case Study of COL-NCERT Collaborative Programme India Click
Sushmita Mitra

Can Mobile Phones Be Used To Improve The Quality Of Learning In Open Schooling?

India Click
Aparna Ramanan

A Systems Approach for Training the ODL Support Staff on Written Communication Skills:  A Strategy for Quality Enhancement in Student Support

India Click
Suneeta Kulkarni

Access and Quality in Self Organized Learning Environments

India Click

Dr. Jeanette M. Bartley-Bryan

Quality Indicators of Successful Distance Learning by Educational Leaders: A Caribbean Case Study


Prof. Mohan Menon

Enhancing Quality Learning in a Fragile Environment- Case of the Palestinian Refugees

Jordan Click
Florence Y. Odera

Learning English Language by Radio in Primary Schools in Kenya


J N Oleap Fernando

Enhanced Quality and Success in Sri Lankan non-University Institutions through intermediary and Innovative approaches involving hybridised ODL Methodologies

Sri Lanka Click
Prof. Chandra Gunawardena

Quality Issues in Secondary School Education in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Click
Bothephana Makhakhane

Quality issues regarding learner support for distance learners at the National University of Lesotho 


Isswar Jheengut

Case Study – Developing Skills through the ‘Customer Care and Quality Management’ Course

Mauritius Click

Ndeshimona Afunde

Access to ODL programmes at NAMCOL through Recognition of Prior Learning

Namibia Click
Ms Ndinomayele Diina Haufiku

An Effective Learner Support Services and Systems at the Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL)

Awonuga, Olukayode Olusola


Nigeria Click
Dr. C. W. S. Sukati In Pursuit of Quality: UNISWA Lecturer’s Perceptions on the Academic Performance of Conventional and Distance Education Students Swaziland Click
Dr. Satish Menon

A Pedagogy/Andragogy-Neutral Learning Platform for Improving Effectiveness of Online Learning

Dr. Sharayi Chakanyuka

Staff related factor contributing to quality in open and distance learning

Zimbabwe Click
Lavanya Kiran Neelam

Fostering Community Preparedness to Cope with Drought: new initiatives and results from a study involving ODL and ICT from South Central India


Dr Ros Morpeth

Continuity education in emergency and conflict situations: the case for using open, distance and flexible learning [ODFL]

UK Click

Ms. Madhavi Sharma

Website – a major ICT tool in ODL for providing quick information and learning environment to masses

India Click
Dr. Jothi

An Innovative tool for Community Development through Distance Education

India Click

Regional cooperation among open universities: a case of south asia

India Click

Dr.Bijay K. Nanda Connecting Community with Knowledge: Novel Strategy of ICT Convergence India Click
Fidel O Okopi

Six sigma as model of assuring quality learner support services in National Open University of Nigeria study centres. Nigeria Click
Heather J. Billings

Designing a PBL and TBL Curriculum that Enhances Education Opportunities for General Medical Practitioners in Mozambique

USA Click

Kishore K. Lenka Community Schooling: Novel Strategy to Expand Value Education India Click

Mrs Jyotsna Mishra Coastal Community Resource Center: An Open Education Platform India Click
Ram Takwale Nai Talim and Gandhian Approaches to Development India Click
Frances Ferreira

Building a community for developing OERs

Canada Click

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