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Venue:- Le Meridien Kochi, India
Official Conference Manager
Director - UNESCO :- Mr. Armoogum Parsuramen
Mr. Parsuramen, Director of the UNESCO Office in New Delhi, and UNESCO Representative to India, Bhutan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

Born in 1951 in Mauritius, Mr. Parsuramen holds a B.A. Honours degree in Administration from the University of Mauritius and started his career in the field of education as a secondary-school teacher in 1978.  Between 1982 and 1995, Mr. Parsuramen was a Member of Parliament in Mauritius for four consecutive terms, during which he served as Minister of Education, Arts and Culture and Minister of Education and Science.

He is credited with being the architect of the Mauritian 10-Year Education Master Plan.  At the international level in 1997, Mr. Parsuramen joined as Education Policy Adviser and Coordinator of the education component of the Bank’s United Nations Special Initiative for Africa (UNSIA).

Joining the UNESCO Secretariat in July 1998, Mr. Parsuramen was appointed Director of the Division for the Renovation of Secondary and Vocational Education in the Education Sector and then in 2000 to the position of Director of the Regional Bureau for Education in Africa.

In November 2004, Mr. Parsuramen was appointed to the post of Secretary of UNESCO Executive Board and concurrently from March 2008 he was entrusted with the expanded responsibility of Director of the Secretariat of the Governing Bodies, serving both as Secretary of UNESCO Executive Board and Secretary of the General Conference.
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