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Incubating and Nurturing Innovations

 “Did You Know?” Posters and A/V

NCIDE prepares and disseminates Posters and A/V Programmes titled “Did You Know?” These include interesting topics, which have lot of bearing on our real life situations but generally go unnoticed. Since April 2011, more than two hundred posters have been prepared and displayed. The facts are converted into 300 audio programmes in English titled “Did You Know?” and 300 in Hindi titled “Kya Aap Jaantey Hain?”. These are being broadcast through Gyan Vani. About 30 Video programmes have been developed, which are being telecast through Gyan Darshan.

Popular talk Series on Innovations in Distance Education

NCIDE organizes a series of popular talk on innovations and developments in open and distance education through teleconference via satellite on every last Wednesday of a calendar month. The basic purpose of the popular talk series is to facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas and experiences in the field of distance education and to foster the spirit of innovation among the faculty and students.

Gold Medal for Innovations in ODL

One of the objectives of NCIDE is to encourage, recognise and promote innovations in distance education. Keeping this in view, the IGNOU has introduced a 'Gold Medal' for innovations in distance education. The purpose of the award is to recognize & promote innovations in ODL system as envisaged by the NCIDE, which has been on a mission to seek creative solutions to promote effectiveness, quality and reach of the ODL system. Entries are invited from different institutions including IGNOU faculty, State Open Universities and other ODL agencies.

Providing Room for Innovations Made by Students

The Centre encourages innovations done by distance learners, in particular the students of IGNOU across the country. It takes necessary steps to identify and recognize innovations made by the students and provide support to then as per their requirement. The Centre is in the process of creating an online platform for uploading their innovations.